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The Star-Spangled Banner     View
A site dedicated the actual flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the poem that became the U.S. national anthem. The site includes information on the making of the flag and efforts to preserve it. It also traces the history of the U.S. flag ...

Betsy Ross Homepage -     View
Read the history of the American flag or the story of Betsy Ross and the first flag. You can also take a virtual tour through Betsy Ross' home.

The Great Seal of the United States     View
This site combines hard facts and history of the Great Seal with meditative essays on its numerous symbols and mottoes, including the famous Pyramid and Eye. It is rich in graphics of the seal and its elements.

Bear Flag Museum     View
All you ever wanted to know about California's state flag and the "Bear Flag Revolt." Check out historic documents, a bear flag chronology, laws about the bear flag and suggested reading.

Our Flag     View
"This Congressional publication briefly describes the history of the [United States] flag, and sets forth the practices and observances appropriate to its display." Includes background on holidays such as Flag Day, information about obtaini ...

Today in History: Flag Day     View
A brief history of Flag Day, which honors "June 14, 1777, [when] the Continental Congress approved the design of a national flag." Also provides discussion of the Supreme Court decisions related to compelling students to salute the flag (re ...

The Flag of the United States of America     View
Flag history, pictures, etiquette, information on how to fold it, a FAQ, a glossary of related terms, and more. Searchable.

The Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States     View
Pictures, history, and explanations of over 60 Native American flags and the increasing use of flags among Native tribes. Scroll down the page to get to the list of flags available.

National Flag Day of Canada, February 15 /Jour du Drapeau du Canada, Le 15 Février     View
The maple leaf flag was raised for the first time on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on February 15, 1965, as the national flag of Canada. Includes a history of the flag, flag facts, a quiz, and PDF versions of the Proclamation of the National Flag of Cana ...

Peter's Flag Flashcards     View
Learn to identify the flags of every country in the world using flashcards. Descriptions and brief histories are given for each country's flag. Links to more information about each country are provided.



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