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World Flag Database     View
"There are over 260 pages on countries and international organizations. Each page contains basic information on the country, including its formal name, capital city, area, population, currency, languages, and religions. The flags include the nat ...

North American Vexillological Association (NAVA)     View
NAVA is an international, scholarly group associated with the study of flags and their impact on society. The site offers information on NAVA's publications, a section on flag design, black and white images of flags to color in, and answers to users' ...

Flags of the World (FOTW)     View
A site for flags and vexillology (the study of flags), with over 40,000 images. Entries include such information as the country's flag history, flag law, flag variations, flags of political subdivisions, and special departmental flags. Browse by coun ...

State Flag [Washington State]     View
Provides information about the Washington state flag, including the flag's history, downloadable graphics of the flag, illustrated instructions for displaying the flag, care and disposal guidelines, and other uses and specifications. Also includes li ...

Warflag     View
"This site contains a flag library designed specifically for decorating wargame miniatures...The flags are historically accurate where I have found sufficient information and historically plausible where I have not." There are instructions ...

Flags of All Countries     View
Graphics of flags of 192 countries and other independent states.

The California Bear Flag     View
A reproduction of an 1890 photograph of the 1846 California flag with brief information about the flag's creation. From the Museum of the City of San Francisco.

The Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States     View
Pictures, history, and explanations of over 60 Native American flags and the increasing use of flags among Native tribes. Scroll down the page to get to the list of flags available.

National Flag Day of Canada, February 15 /Jour du Drapeau du Canada, Le 15 Février     View
The maple leaf flag was raised for the first time on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on February 15, 1965, as the national flag of Canada. Includes a history of the flag, flag facts, a quiz, and PDF versions of the Proclamation of the National Flag of Cana ...

International Marine Signal Flags     View
This site tells what each flag signals when it is used. There is also a page on the semaphore flag signaling system, which is an alphabet system based on waving a pair of hand-held flags in a specific pattern.



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