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Story Hour     View
Read an original story or listen to one narrated to you. Some stories are even written by kids!

Brooklyn Expedition: Latin America     View
This fun, colorful site from the Brooklyn Children's Museum introduces children (and adults!) to Latin American culture and history. You can choose from topics as diverse as holidays, animals, ancient beliefs and rituals, and many more. Also featur ...

Native American Lore Index     View
Are you interested in the legends and traditional stories of Native American tribes? This site is for you! Here you will find over 100 tales from the Cherokee, Cheyenne, Hopi, Seneca, and many more!

Anthropology in the News     View
Links to free news stories published on the web, in suject areas such as archaeology, bioanthropology, lingustics, and social and cultural history. Includes links to video news reports.

Jeju-Do Folklore and Natural History Museum     View
"Jeju island's nature and culture can be seen through the exhibition : a Jeju Islander's life-span including birth, marriage, the sixtieth birthday, funeral and memorial service ; the formation process of Jeju island ; folklore relics of garments, me ...

Friday the 13th     View
Information about the origins of the superstition about Friday the 13th as an unlucky day in Western culture. "[T]those who suffer from a fear of the number thirteen (triskaidekaphobia) or a fear of Friday the 13th (paraskevidekatriaphobia) may ...

The Fairy Faith     View
This companion site to a documentary film of the same name "explores the magical 'otherworld' of fairies." It features brief information about fairies in various cultures and about the Cottingley fairies, "fairy facts," places whe ...

Fairies & Ghosts Special Issue     View
This collection of articles focuses on fairies, ghosts, and other mythical creatures. It includes definitions of fairies, literary references to fairies, a discussion of medieval fairies, interpretations of ghosts and haunted houses, and related arti ...

SurLaLune Fairy Tale Pages     View
Seventeen well-known childhood fairy tales are presented with selected words annotated for their symbolic meaning in the art of storytelling. Beautiful illustrations, colorful history, and many variants of the tales as they appear in numerous culture ...

An Exploration of Modern Monsters     View
An exploration of the symbolism of monsters, beginning with the introductory section about children and fear. Included are technological monsters such as Frankenstein's monster; human ones including vampires, freaks, and zombies; ecological monsters ...



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