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Job Interview Strategies for Teens     View
This section from Quintessential Careers is targeted specifically to teens, with advice on job seeking, interviewing skills, and resume writing. Other sections of provide advice on many job application questions. There are some ...

Quintessential Careers: A Career and Job-Hunting Resources Guide     View
"This site is designed to provide as much information and resources as possible about jobs and careers for every kind of job seeker -- all for free! The goal of this site is providing job-seekers with the best resources on the Web."

Learn2 Prepare for a Job Interview     View
"Does the thought of an upcoming job interview make you break into a sweat? Don??t worry." This site will "help ban your jitters so you'll be at your best on the big day."

CareerLab: 200 FREE Cover Letter for Job Hunters     View
CareerLab is a site for job-seekers of all ages. This page lets you peek at over 200 sample cover letters, so that you can have an edge when you apply for your dream job. They letters are grouped according to the type of job you are applying for, o ...

Job Accomodation Network     View
"A free consulting service designed to increase employability of persons with disabilities from the Department of Labor." Provides information about accomodations and legislation.

Cool Works     View
"Live and work where others only get to visit." Has job listings for national parks, amusement parks, resorts, ski resorts, and camps. Look here for a great summer job!

Summer Jobs     View
"Summer Jobs is a database of seasonal and part-time job opportunities. While the primary focus is Summer employment, other jobs may be posted here as well." It also includes some internships. You can search the database by location or keyword.

Part-time Jobs for Teenagers     View
This page refers to Marshall Brain's book "The Teenager's Guide to the Real World," but you don't need to buy the book in order to learn a lot from this page. It suggests many ways in which teenagers can create a part-time job of their own instead o ...

JobStar Resume Guide -- Resumes & Cover Letters     View
This site has it all -- from explaining what a resume is to resume samples (chronological and functional), cover letters, tips, and so much more.

Learn2 Email Your Resume     View
"The good news is that emailing a resume is fast and easy. The bad news? It's fast and easy for everyone. Now more than ever, it's important to stand out from the crowd."



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