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Glossary of Islamic Terms and Concepts     View
"This glossary had its beginnings from the information contained in the booklet Introducing Islam to Non-Muslims by Hussein Khalid Al-Hussein and Ahmad Hussein Sakr. Other terms not in that booklet are continually being added to this list now."

Understanding Islam     View
At this site they "present the explanation of Islam only in the light of the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet" This site also posts discussions, articles, links to other sites and a translation of the Qur'an.     View
Provides translations of the Quran in 16 languages, including English, French, Italian, Swedish and Chinese. Analysis and interpretations of contemporary issues in Islam as well as FAQs for younger Muslims are offered. Subjects addressed include Wo ...

The Koran     View
This English translation of the Koran, hosted by the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative, permits more complex proximity and Boolean searching, as well as browsing and simple searches.

Kids' Corner -- Islam Web     View
Watch videos, listen to stories, play games, and take quizzes to learn more about Islam and the Qur'an.,2/kidscorner.html

Internet Indian History Sourcebook     View
Covering many aspects of Indian history from ancient India through modern times. Complete online full-text sources are organized by different eras. Also covers Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, and Sri Lanka.

Internet History of Science Sourcebook     View
Covering many aspects of the history of science from ancient India through modern times. Complete online full-text sources are organized by different geographical areas as well as eras in time.


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