The Mission and Vision Statements of ipl2

Mission Statement of ipl2:

ipl2 is a global information community that provides in-service learning and volunteer opportunities for library and information science students and professionals, offers a collaborative research forum, and supports and enhances library services through the provision of authoritative collections, information assistance, and information instruction for the public.

Vision Statement of ipl2:

ipl2 will shape and direct the evolving role of libraries in an increasingly digital world while working to become a virtual learning laboratory for the study of information services and technology.

The ipl2 staff, faculty, and volunteers will strive to meet these goals by:

  1. creating and supporting new learning experiences for students and volunteers,
  2. serving as a research forum and as a technological test-bed,
  3. serving the public by finding, evaluating, selecting, organizing, describing, and creating high quality information resources, and
  4. connecting members of the public to high quality information resources through the IPL question answering service.

Adopted May 19, 2008

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