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…on the THING for Week of 11/11/2005:

Best Places for Wasting Time on the Net

message: itunes
name: tiff

message: Best places to procrastinate on the web, looking up videos, pics, jokes and random hilarious facts. Also, for some cheap amusement- google an aim-bot. Use it on your friends while chatting. after ten minutes you get to read the interesting and sometimes frusterating conversation your friends had with this online bot you made.Look up Google pranks. Google has alot of mess ups, that are fun to play with. Like Google Talk it’s supposed to finish your sentence… But what sometimes comes out can be VERY random. Or Google Picture Poetry. That can be interesting. Have fun procrastinating!
name: ~Lake

name: Lindsey

message: Google. Even if doing research for a paper, I tend to get side-tracked to another site or "cool" article (and therefore end up procrastinating!)
name: Don

name: jessie

message: The best place to procrastinate on the net is not on the web, if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s out there playing tennis, basketball, or even ping pong. Getting into sports is a great way to put off piano lessons, and if you worh hard, you can even get rid of the other stuff you’re stalling and take up net sports full time. That’s way better than sitting in a chair staring at a computer screen to get out of work.
name: Megan

name: Em

You know how it sucks when that book you just adored has to end ? I, for one, am completely unwilling to relinquish characters that have become dear to me. There’s also the situation where there is to be a continuation… but it’s not coming any time soon. The best way to get a fix to to surf on over to, where they have fiction written based on fiction, by people like you. Some of the stories rival even the originals in terms of creativityand skill. It’s great to revisit favourite old worlds and characters.
name: Anonymous

message: has a HUGE list of games to play.

- it’s not just for little kids. The website was created for the 17-25 year old population.
name: Sam L.

places like this one, where you’re trying to do your research homework, but something catches your eye. Please make it as easy as possible for us to concentrate… … it’s hard enough as it is.
name: Wateva

addicting, for both high school students and college students. You can look up friends, post pictures, write comments, and stalk random people that you just saw across campus.
name: Jesse

message: (students)
name: Rebecca

most indefinitely! Also anywhere with good blogs…and my case, places with educational articles and links…that’s how I ended up here!
name: BBeez

message: Checking my email!
name: Stephen

name: Pepe

name: Anonymous


name: Shannon

Or playing games and taking quizzes.
name: Anonymous

message: Either on a chatline such as yahoo or AIM or
name: ajdurbal

message: The best place to waste time on the net is the e-mail. It is fun because you can talk to your friends back and forth.
name: Shary