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…on the THING for Week of 11/25/2005:

Best Pick Up Line

message: Did it hurt when you feel from Heaven? Because you’re definitely an angel…
name: blondie

message: Oops, I dropped something. So you can pick it and me up at 7:30 ok??
Don’t you hate those lame pickup lines? They are so stupid …unless you like them?
My mom says I’m cute. She also says that I should go out with girls named (name of the girl you like). I always listen to my mom.
name: LaLaLoooser

message: Hey, I ’m Rich.
name: Richard

message: I live in my parents’ basement.
name: Anonymous

message: i notice u r noticing me, so i just want u to know that i’m noticing u notice me …
name: mfrancis

message: Wuss da deal daddy?
name: WhitneyJ

message: What up shorty, how you doin’?
name: Chris

message: What up shorty, what’s your name?
name: Estefany

message: Hey sweetie, you look gorgeous today!
name: Anonymous

message: Hey shorty, don’t I know you from somewhere?
name: Dennea J

message: If u see something that looks nice, just say that’s tight. ?
name: bebo

message: Hey sweetie, you look cute today.
name: Anonymous

message: I don’t need a pickup line, I’m that nice! ;)
name: C.R.

message: I don’t have a pickup line--I don’t need it ;)
name: JQuirindongo

message: What’s good ma? I know your feet are tired ’cause you been running through my mind all day!!!! Can you buy me a drink? NO? Then I’ll just buy you one, aight./> name: E.T.

message: Hi can I talk to you for a second? I saw you walking and you look kind of interesting to talk to.
"Yeah, you can talk to me."
name: DOC

message: What’s up sexy, can I buy you a pepsi?
name: KaylaG

message: pick up lines are sooooooo stupid! why not just shove ice cream down your pants instead? it’s just as embarrassing as a pick up line.
name: fantasyfanatic222

message: a friend of mine said a guy tried this one on her:
"so…do you wanna come back to my place and do all the things i’m gonna tell everybody we did anyway?"
name: Anonymous

message: I lost my number…can I have yours?
name: Kristen

message: "Hey guys, what’s up?"
name: Anonymous

message: My car broke down, can you give me a ride please?
name: Alias_Geek_47

message: Note that the following only works if the person has both looks and personality:
"You’re as beautiful on the inside as on the outside."
name: Joe Dawg

message: Hi my name is (your name). I’m at (name of your school)School. I wanted to say hi and bye.
name: Angel

message: Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I need to walk around the room again?
The word of the day is "legs." Let’s go back to my place and spread the word.
How about you sit on my lap and we’ll see what pops up?
If I told you you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?
All those curves, and me with no brakes.
name: DeBlazinG

message: guy looks away from a beautiful scene and stares at a girl, then says "i just felt like looking at someone beautiful"
name: loica