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…on the THING for Week of 12/03/2005 :

Best Way to Turn Down a Pick Up Line

message: I would say to just let the person know that you are not interested.
name: PVHunter

message: A good slap in the face
name: Anon.

message: I’ve never had someone tell me a pickup line before, but this is what I would say: "Hey, I know you’re feeding me a pick up line, and it’s not gonna work on me." I personally don’t like pick up lines and as a general rule of thumb, the people who use them.
name: Katy

message: "Ummm… I Have A Boyfriend Sorry." or just say "Haha Thanks" - smile, and walk away. (that is if it was a complement)
name: court lovez you

message: I think the best way to turn down a pick up line is to smile politely if it was a nice one. If it was a raunchy one, then you should give a disgusted look, but either way I don’t think you should talk back. Just give a look and keep walking.
name: ladyjluvsyou

message: @#$& pick up lines!
name: LilFattiee

message: U R not good enough for me :p
name: Anonymous

message: U R ugly
name: Anonymous

message: The best way to turn down a pickup line is to simply ignore the person. Then maybe they will eventually leave you alone.
name: Sherise

message: "Stupid. " Then walk away. I don’t like stupid pickup lines!!!
name: Boo

message: The best way to turn down a pickup line? Act like you are deaf (hopefully the person doesn’t actually know sign language) and start signing at them, start laughing, and just walk away.
name: k-la

message: Turn down a pick up line? I’ve never really thought of that. If somebody said something to me (like a pick up line) and I thought it was cheesy, I would definitely turn that around into a funny insult.
name: Lin

message: Pick-up Line:
I’d like to get into those pants.
Turn Down:
Forget it, there’s one jerk in there already.