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…on the THING for Weeks of 12/16/2005 & 12/23/2005 :

Best Gift/Given Received

message: a sapphire and emerald crusted ringgggg!!!!!!!!!!given to me by my ahem ahem……
name: Funkyhotness

message: Best gift given to me from my mother grandmother and grand father gave me a arm full of support, love, wisdom, knowledge, wrapped with wamrth, to let me know this is tuff world and I need to be prepared for fiery darts. I am thankful everyday xmas and gifts are everyday me we all stay in the same house my parents, grandmother and grandfather, and my great grandmother and great grandfather and guess what my great great grandmother will be 106 on january 1,2006 now AIN’T that the bestgift given or received for me plus I am homeSchooled 13 people in my one house and we just have plenty of love lack of other things however we are bless. thanking you in advance
name: twzondria

message: Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince (Scholastic hardcover) on release date!
name: Lituus

message: A Guitar
name: Bobbi

message: A visit from my mother and little sister on Rotary Youth Exchange. I hadnt seen them for 11 months, and so for my christmas present, mum flew over to see me!
name: safire

message: The best gift I have ever given is the ipod. I bought 2 for my brother and sister. I got $100 and my mom gave me the rest. It is for Christmas. My brother and sister will love it and think it’s the best gift ever!
name: A2O

message: Remote car starter
name: anonymous

message: Hi! My best gift given was given to me by my father when he returned back home from Mexico. He gave me a book for Dan Brown which is called: (Angles and Demons ). The book was so stunning and it was unputdownable! I loved it. I just kept turning the pages. If anyone here is thinking about giving me a gift, it better be a book ;)
name: Exotic

message: OK the best gift given has to be LOVE, as it is the hardest thing to give (unconditionally that is). As for best gift received, I live it everyday, and hopefully a good while longer - I must admit I did like my MP3 player this year though…
name: Akbar_The_Munificent

message: I given my mom a soft robe. And I received A CD player.
name: shelby

message: Well, the best gift ever given would be one’s heart and the best gift ever received would be one’s slap!!!
name: Saarah

message: The best gift I have ever given was a homemade ornament to my aunt and uncle. The ornamnent I made consisted of 20 pyramids glued on to a geometric base. On the pyramids I glued pictres from their wedding which was over the summer. The ornament took about a month to make but it was so worth it. The feeling I got when I saw the expressions on my aunt and uncle’s faces was indescribable. I think my aunt might have creid had their not been so many people around. It was then that I realized the statment, "Tis better to give than to recieve" is true.
name: Ruby

message: Our life is a miracle… because we are special…we received a gift that is inaccessible to all the creatures around us : the power of thinking,our mind. We think because this makes us a great power that can change the world in better or worse. Thinking makes us see the beauty, the love, the friendship and the mystery of life. To think means to have the power to make anything posible, to make dreams real, to reach the highest mountains…without it everything remains just an enigma.
name: Diaconu

message: Hmmm… well the best gift ever given would be an inspiring comment, which is also, the best gift ever received.
name: Sabrina