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How Did You Ring in the New Year?

message: i dont get the question……
name: anonymous

message: I had a bunch of friends over and we played a million board games, air hockey, and ate pizza. We could've gone out drinking, but this was ten times more fun. We can drink anytime. I would totally do this again.
name: anonymous

message: I spent it with my family watching several shows, comedy of course, and embracing the new year with a sense of slight excitement and possibly the best possible chance for one to improve one’s life. As many do, I made a resolution to see the silver lining on every cloud, no matter how viciously dark and heavy the situation (or the cloud, if we’re sticking to the metaphor) may be. Thank you for acknowledging my response and happy new year! May 2006 bring many joyful beginnings and satisfying conclusion in one’s life!
name: anonymous

message: I love the New Year i got everything i wanted.
name: Shakara

message: new years… isnt that exciting. since it happens at the end of each year and is followed by a big ball that drops in the middle of times square? why i ask you. my new years was spent at church. then watching finding neverland. yuup. lovely id tell you. but its scary in away. new years. thinking about whats going to happen next year. leaving all the good times from the previous year. but, life goes on. with you or without you. =).
name: dumblndbrnet/ madisyn

message: With my sister, my dad, his girlfriend, her two lovely daughters, and their dog I shot off fireworks. I photographed the entire night with my most joyous Christmas present, the Canon Powershot. I had a camera war with Katherine, both of us trying to snatch a picture of each other while avoiding having a picture taken of ourselves. My sister attempted manipulating my dad’s wireless internet connection into working for her DS, but couldn’t due to technical difficulties. We all joined in to watch cheap movies until the time came to shoot the grand finale of the fireworks, which could have literally knocked my off my feet had I not had a railing behind me to catch myself on. It was fun, we broke the ice between the familt seperations and made our own little almost-family memories. It was a nice way to blast off the new year.
name: Sleepless Soldier

message: I shareds it with my friends and family havin a party and havin fun
name: Theresa

message: gotta be better than the last
name: anonymous

message: i am on a varsity basketball team at my school, and every year we have a christmas party. for one reason or another no one could agree on a date before christmas, so we decided we would have it after the 25th. a few of us had a great idea, and we had practice at 9:30 PM, new years eve! it kept any teammates that would have been at parties safe, and with the team, and it was a fun, goofing off kind of practice. After that we went home and cleaned up, then headed to my coaches house to watch the ball drop. After we rang in 2006, we opened gifts, ate pizza, and stayed until 3 in the morning! We ended up all sleeping over at one of the girls houses. It was one of my best new years eves ever!
name: lily

message: We did nothing but sat and watch TV eating our dinner.
name: Kalyani

message: I went to a movie with my dad. Then we came home had pizza and listend to the radio and watched more tv. Along with blowing bubbles lol.
name: Danielle

message: Hmm… well I started the year by just keeping one resolution - I’m not going to make any other resolution apart from this. And hopefully I’m going along well with it!!!
name: Sabrina

message: The new year was awesome! I had a sleepover with my girl friends and we stayed up until 5:30 in the morning! It was so cool because we played Mad Libs, cooked a five-course meal, ate rocky road ice cream with bananas, watched Saturday Night Live, danced, and did yoga and pilates. Around 11:30 in the morning, we woke up and made breakfast together consisting of scrambled eggs, homemade chocolate chip pancakes (yum!) and orange juice. I had a blast with my best friends forever!
name: Kathy

message: I chaperoned a party my sister went to at a friend’s house. There were video games, and only kid got drunk behind my back *rolls eyes* Kids these days…
name: Kalicko

message: Well it was pretty boring I just chilled at home with my family. We played some poker and ate plenty of yummy food. Then we did the count down and aftr gave everyone hugs and blessed them into the new year.
name: Lisa

message: Our New Year’s celebration was excellant and diverse. We all stayed up late. We all ate something special. However only one of us went swimming. We all had a very nice time!
name: A2O

message: I am a 18years and promised myself a whole new change for myself, i promised myself to give a smoking go to the gym and get a job i actually want to do, the start of the year has been great i have lost 2stone quit smoking ’smell fab’ and have a great job working with children which i enjoy so much! note to young teens out there dont give up hope if you put your mind to it you can do it!
name: kizz

message: Carefully.
name: Graygauze

message: I rang in the new year by kissing all of my girlfriends that were with me…all 6 of them…on the lips. Then we flashed each other. Then I had a REALLY long make-out session with my boyfriend. Whatta way to start the new year.
name: CrazyChica

message: I rang in the new year sitting on my comfortable couch, eating chocolate and popcorn (alternately, not together!), and watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Can there BE a better movie to start off the new year with?
name: Auryn