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…on the THING for Week of 1/20/2006 :

Best Breakfast Cereal

message: best dinner cereal: i have to say fruit loops because it provides u with yur daily fruit sugar dry food and junk food. it also for forces me to have my milk which sometimes levels up my anger manage ment and or constipation.
name: spike

message: Anything with cinnamon in it, but a little healthy, I like Honey Nut Clusters with Almonds the best
name: mptc

message: I dunno. havent found anything sugary enough yet
name: me

message: Grape Nuts
name: Steve

message: Definitely nutrigrain! it tastes good & gives you energy. although im only allowed it on special occasions. :-<
name: Excel

message: I don't really eat breakfast at all besides maybe a piece of bread and butter and some iced tea.
name: Julia

message: something SUGARY
name: me

message: cocoa puffS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM COOKOO FOR COCOA PUFFS!!! They are awesomely awesome and taste great!! They really wake me up in the morninGS!!!!
name: Lulu