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…on the THING for Week of 2/10/2006 :

Best Books You’ve Read

message: Some of the best books i have read have been fantasy and romance books. Have you ever read the tigers woman? its pretty cool!
name: anonymous

message: Ummmmm…… I don;t read alot of books. I kind of like the computer better. LOL! But if I do read I like to read Lois Duncan books. They are murder mystery books.
name: Samara

message: umm… the year of secret assignments … or the clique… or… idk
name: anonymous

message: Searching for Spirit Bear (fabulous); The Perks of Being A Wallflower (amazing but may not be appopropriate for young audiences); A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (*dies* amazing!)
name: quiksilver_kla

message: harry potter 1-5(have not read the 6th one yet).
name: Jessica

message: about a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im a book worm. anything by emily rodda, harry potter, most fantasy books r great
name: excel

message: I think Harry Potter has to be one of the best series i’ve ever read. Also, everyone should read son of the mob by Gordon Korman, it’s hilarious and follows with what teenagers are like.
name: Julia

message: New Found Land
name: anonymous

message: I tend to like series alot
Chronicles of Narnia
Harry Potter
and I also liked Because of Win Dixie, and Its Like This Cat
name: me

message: 1) All of the Harry Potter books (read the books before you go and see the movies)
2)The Chronicles of Narnia
3)The Client
name: anonymous

message: ~The Two Princesses of Bamaar
~Ella Enchanted
~Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging
~All-American Girl
name: urmom

message: I’m a book worm…I admit it! I must read over 50 books a year.
Some of my favorites, that I absolutely LOVE are:
Airborn and Skybreaker
Meg Cabot books; I love them all!
Harry potter =]
Yeah, I read anything…those are faves, though!!
name: Laurana Banana

message: My favorite book is Down a Dark hall by Lois Duncan.
name: anonamos

message: The best book i have read is called "Dave at Night"!
name: Chelsea