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…on the THING for Week of 2/23/2006 :

Most Embarrassing Moment

message: losing my pants in class

message: ummm…i followed this life guard around at a water park with my friend and he finally noticed us stalking him and he kicked as out of that area which was the lazy river.
name:someone cool

message: spit coke all over my crush

message: Once i was doing a play for school. It was a class play and i was supposed to walk off the stage and i was getting off the stage and i fell down. And everyone watching laughed! It was horrid!!!!
name:Dance with me

message: [name removed] is my partner for my project!!!!!

message: when i met [name removed]
she is ugly

message: My most embarrassing moment was when I was in the library at my school, which is an all-girls Catholic school. The librarian, who is a Catholic nun, is extremely strict and a little crazy. She gets really overprotective about people talking in the library and everything. One day, my friend and I had a free period and we decided to go there (bad idea!). We were talking barely above a whisper, but of course the librarian gets ticked off. She didn't yell at my friend and me or anything. Yet. After about ten or fifteen minutes, the nun starts reprimanding us in a really strict and monotone voice. Of course, the library was practically full and everyone was staring at my friend and me as she scolded us. Loudly. I swear, the entire library was staring at us and a couple of girls were trying really hard not to crack up. To top it off, I was just a freshman.

message: I crapped my pants at school in 10th grade at the lunch table. I was sitting with some friends and someone said one of the funniest things I have ever heard. I was laughing and laughing and all of a sudden, my smile tightened up and my face became red. I got up slowly as my friends wondered why I had stopped laughing so quickly, and waddled over to the bathroom. After entering the first stall, I untightened my butt cheeks and let the turd roll down my pant leg. My friend came in to see if everything was allright. To his surprise, he saw poop on the floor and burst out laughing. He ran out of the bathroom and I slowly followed. Upon my exit, I was bombarded by all of my friend, and complete strangers laughing and pointing as they chanted "pooboy".
name:Sick Nasty

message: one time i was in school i bent down and i farted really loud and everybody laughed at me. we had to leave the room because it smelled so bad!Oops!!!11111

message: was when i was on my way to the car and i fell right in front of this guy who was about to ask for my number

message: being on this site

message: I was in a dance recitle, and my mom had to go back home to get a forgotten part of my sisters coustume. She left me with one of my friends moms, who of course didn't know my dance. At one point I was saying, " I think that one is mine", but then reassured my self and said that It cant be, It seems too early. But then I reconized all of the steps, and said " oh my god, that IS my dance"!!! So I was running and puzssing people to get on stage in the middle of the dance. I tripped when I got on stage and I couldent follow along or find my place, so as you can amagon, about 500 peopel were laghing at me, and I couldent do anything about it!! At least peple seem to have forgotten abot it *I hope*.

message: is when i leaned in to kiss my bf and i triped and bit his lip

message: Once when I was little I ran up to this woman I thought was my mom and hugged her and said "Mommy!!!!!" But it wasn't my mom, it was some other woman I didn't know. The woman said "Hi sweety?" In a confussed voice. It was very embarrssing!!!!!! But then I found my real mom later.

message: when i saw yur mom is was so scared of her face i wet my pants. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
name:capo 5

message: Ummmm…….

message: i was playing line soccer and when i was going to kick the ball, i fell flat on my butt.

message: Umm…one time i was mooning people and my crush named [name removed] just so happened to be behind me and i accidently mooned him!!!!It was very embarrassing.

message: Okay so I was waiting at the gas station for my grandpa to finish getting his gas or whatever… and this girl comes up to me and was acting like we were best friends or something??? So… I went along with it, and then I just didnt remember whom she was so I had to ask… I said
"What is your name, I dont remember…"
and it turned out that it was my sister that I used to hang out with all the time only a year before hand, so that was really weird and i felt really bad for not even remember whom my own sister was.
im so stupid sometimes

message: When I asked a guy if he had ever kissed a girl. He said that he had, and that he had a 19 year old girl friend, and he was only 17 years old. I thought that he was hot, but that was my own opinion.
name: Awayla

message: When I tripped, and fell when I was playing Marco, Polo with this dude. He was cute, and I liked him, but then I ended up chasing him for 3 houers after he did something to me.
name: Awayla

message: When i was caught by my sister when me and my friend were just playing hiden-and-go-seek with his brother and two sisters. And we were holding hands and acting like we were going out.
name: Squeaky