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…on the THING for Weeks of 3/7/2006 & 3/14/2006 :

Best Bad Movie

message: Big Fish… Totally. Its so dumb and crazy you have to love it. Well you only love it if you still have an imagination.
name: KD

message: IT is terrible, I know. I am strange in unbelievable ways. I am a huge fan of Casablanca, it is my favorite movie, and I am only 15. It is one of those black and white movies with all those funny clichè± that we have all heard so many times. But what can I say, I am a romantic
name: kylie

message: Hm…Princess Bride. It's hokey, but the priest with the wierd voice makes up for it. Also, When A Stranger Calls. There was maybe one scary part, and near the end, you just the girl to UNPLUG THE PHONE, like any smart person would do.
name: quiksilver_kla

message: Mary-Kate and Ashley's Getting There
name: Kyle

message: the best bad movie is house of flying daggers
name: anonymous

message: Leperchaun all the way
name: anonymous

message: 13 Secounds
name: anonymous

message: i know there are a lot of bad movies out there but some are, are we there yet?, the dukes of hazzard (anything with jessica simpson is not worth seeing), and Doogal ( so borring!!) so these are the movies i do not like, well atleast some of them
name: inez0511

message: Grease 2 or My Boss's Daughter
name: anonymous

message: ummmm……The best bad movie is probably Corpse Bride i didn't like it. It was like super boring.
name: I aint tellin

message: Well I thought the movie Bad Boys 2 was pretty horrible.
name: Cheyenne

message: The Best Bad Movie would Have to be Scary Movie. It had no plot to it and in my opinion it SUCKED
name: jESUSfREAK

message: gangsta
name: g unit

message: Probably american pie… i love what they do in band camp. its hot!
name: Wouldnt your mom like to know

message: Well most science movies we watch in school are pretty boring.
name: blah blah

message: the best bad movie ever is good boy the one about the kid who does babysitting jobs for dogs and 1 of them is from outerspace! how dumb!
name: samantha

message: the best bad movie is: hood winked lol i dunnoo
name: sea voyager