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…on the THING for Week of 03/21/2006 :

Your Most Supernatural Experience

message: once i swam in a pool. i thought i saw spongebob. then i realized it was my imagination. then i sank. then a life guard pulled me out. then the lifeguard gave me CPR. it hurt. then i ran home. i was stil alive.
name: mark

message: When I was 10 I was sitting on my bed and I looked over at the ladder to my bunk bed and I saw a ghost woman staring at me. Then I started screaming and then she frowned and went away.
name: anonymous

message: I used to live in this old, old house, and the story goes that the woman who lived in this house was an alcoholic and eventaully her liver began to fail and she got extremely sick.( this is what happens to most alcoholics, no?)She spent most of her time in the downtairs bedroom so she wouldnt have to climb stairs. She was later murdered by her husband in that same bedroom. Well, there is a bathroom adjoining the room and i was getting ready to brush my teeth. i had the vanity mirror open and when i closed it, i could see a woman's extremely sick face in the mirror right behind me. So, true to horror movie form, i whirled around and she was gone.
name: quikslvr_k-la

message: One day, I was taking a test I didn't study for, and I happened to know alot on the test.
name: anonymous

message: I had just gotten home from an Irish Step Dancing competition and was watching TV in my den. All of a sudden I had a huge wiff of tea as if someone had just walked by with a cup of it. My grandma loved tea and always drank it. She passed away in 2001 in December. She always wanted to see me dance. That day I got a first place and I guess she was coming down to congratulate me !
name: Cait

message: Although it was definately not a ghostly experience it was a supernatural experience of the other kind. I wa sat church camp and we were singing, Amazing Grace,(the contemporary version) and all of the sudden my heart was lifted my name was being called, or so I thought and I couldn't hold back the tears. I had become in touch with God much further than I thought possible. I realized from that day on no matter what happens God would be there.
name: Shayla

message: when i was like 9 i was sitting in my bed (which was a bunk bed by the by…) and i saw thsi woman in 19th century clothing standing there gazing longingly. i was tottaly freaked out so what dose my 9 year old mind tell me to do? scream. so i screamed and she looked as if she was about to cry, but then dissapeared when my step mother burst into the room ready to kick some supernatural butt.yeah. that was cool. best believe.
name: Cress

message: eating cheese and whiskers
name: kittykatkanoodler