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…on the THING for the Weeks of 04/28/2006 & 05/05/2006 :

Ways To Help Your Community

message: Get together with a group of friends and volunteer to help clean up the park and streets in your neighborhood to make the community look better.
name: homerunjim

message: Car wash to raise money-It's fun to run around in a bikini and laugh when boys whistle at you :)
name: cutegirl

message: stop the violence in the schools.
name: Cress

message: by doin good stuff. and other cool things that r good
name: burt

message: You can help your community by not littering and picking up something instead of walking past it. It feels good to help people, not just yourself. You may not believe it but every little bit helps.
name: Stephanie

message: you can make up a group and go out and plant flowers, or help the local nursing home!
name: bomazeverchick

message: Turn off any light that doesn't need to be on.
name: sooper soo

message: go once a week up and down your street picking up trash on the side of the road. that will help keep your enviornment clean.
name: brunettebabe

message: More community events where people get to express themselves more openly. Such as Artworks, crafts, personal writings, etc. I don't know maybe make it part of the building in the community, representing individuals within the city. Maybe it'll send protect and build you community instead of destroying it message across.
name: dave

message: avoiding littering…
and being considerate of others
name: adelaide