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…on the THING for the Weeks of 06/16/2006 & 06/23/2006 :

the Celebrity That You Are Most Sick Of Hearing About

message: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and their new baby
name: anonymous

message: Britney Spears
name: anonymous

message: definitely Hilary Duff and Zhang zi yi. ewww
name: anonymous

message: President Bush. Just let him do his job.
name: mel

message: I am sick of hearing about Paris Hiltonn. So what if she is foriegn, so is my maid!
name: anonymous

message: Paris Hilton. She is only famous because her father is famous. If he wasn't famous, she would not be of importance. She is really not that pretty in my opinion, and she looks fake.
name: Jessica

message: Yes, she's skinny. Yes, she looks like she's about to drop dead. Why does this intrigue us so much? Why can't we focus on healthy, beautiful, generous, successful women (such as Mariska Hargitay, but I won't go there!) who contribute to the society as a positive role model instead of a sickly one. Thinness in the media is especially repulsive to me and I think it should not hold as much relevance and awe as it does in today's society.
name: Amanda

message: The celebrity that I am most sick of hearing of is Paris Hilton. She only became famous because she epitomized the ideal of being rich, blonde, and thin.
name: anonymous

message: All of them.
except for the good ones.
like Paris Hilton.
shes hot.
name: Dr Fluffels

message: britney spears
name: anonymous

message: Brad Pit and his wife with their new baby! Yeah its good new but they have a whole 30 min show about this baby and its not even a month old!
name: tpreisendorf