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The Best Source For News (the net, newspapers, Daily show, etc.)

message: I like to get news from many sources. I usually get news from the net and from news media. I do enjoy comparing what different channels have to say about a certain story. Some channels have a lot information on a story, and I'm like 'Wow. Now THAT was interesting, and other channels give you a minimal amount of info and I'm like 'Yeah, so what?' I guess it just all depends.

I do like to read columns on the internet (i.e. Yahoo) where stories seem less biased, at least at a less obvious point. You know, because you don't have some news anchor telling you about President Bush's latest mistake in a tone that clearly tells the listener what they think of him and all republicans as a whole. On the internet, the writer/journalist writes the story in whatever tone that they want, and the readers can't tell exactly what they think of it unless they say so out right. That's what I like about it, but I know that many would disagree with me.

All in all, I think that the best source for news is the internet.
name: Katie

message: the television
name: katie

message: the best source for news are many things such as newspaper t.v. magzines pamplets talks internets etc but the point comes which is the fastest one. is it newspaper or t.v. or radio. there should be some mode through which the new reach to everyone. people in poverty doesn't have t.v. newspaper how would they get the information . we are in middle class today we hve the ability to purchase t.v. computers and can get the information but what about the poor class people i get daily source of news through newspaper and it gives me best information as possible. i m so addicted to newspaper that i can't even drink tea without it. it includes every part of information from daily crimes to sports as well as celebrities. so i would always prefer to newspaper. it all depends upon the writers how the writers perform. if the writer writes in a excellent way the magic of news becomes more interesting. so i say the best source of news is newspaper. so what about you.
name: sowmya