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…on the THING for the Weeks of 08/04/2006 & 08/13/2006 :

How Much Television Do You Watch Per Day?

message: i would have to say i watch and hour or less a day. I used to love television as a child but now that i am a teen there better stuff you could do out there . Like volunteering or just getting out.
name: anonymous

message: I watch around 4-5 hours a day.
name: Juan

message: i watch t.v for upto 10 hours everyday.
name: beny

message: 15 min before work
1-2.5 hrs evening
3-5 hrs weekend/holiday days
name: John

message: not to much
name: anonymous

message: I only watch TV when I need to do homework and when I am bored only. I would say I watch a total of 68 hours a week. So that is about 3 days only per week.
name: anonymous

message: Mostly none, but if I do, about half an hour to an hour (time combined, not at the same time).
name: Dominik

message: I hardly ever watch tv anymore. There are maybe two or three shows that I absolutely have to watch, and the rest are just not interesting. Television these days is just a joke.
name: anonymous

message: more then we are getting
name: anonymous

message: not much at all we have an antenna so all we usually get is a few cartoons on saturday, some soap operas and news.
name: me, myself, and I