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…on the THING for the Weeks of 08/25/2006 & 09/01/2006 :

What Are Your Goals For the Upcoming School Year?

message: I wnat to work harder and maybe they may put me in the right grade with my real friends
name: Nadiyah

message: To get an excellent grade !
name: Dreamerz

message: I want to be famous.
I want to become popular.
I want everyone to like me.
I want to change.
I want to success in all the way.
I want to be the BEST OF THE BEST.
name: Whatever

message: Finish high school. Start my post-grad. year. Get a 31 on my ACT, and a 1800 on my SAT. Have fun, and get an A in everything.
name: Kati

message: my goals are to stay focused, and really lean the material that is put in front of me instead of just memorizing it for the next test. I also would like to be active, because when you're healthier, your schoolwork is better. I hope this year( my ninth grade year) will be productive and help me get into a good college!!!
name: anonymous

message: This past school year I did pretty fair. I didn't get below a 70 in any class, and i nver got below an 80 average. I'm determined to do better though. I want to get atleast an 100 in 2 of my classes.
name: anonymous

message: My goals for the next upcoming school year are: to be the best/better student as i can be and perform better than last year or the year before ( achieve high scores in tests...). Try to study harder and make parents and teachers proud!
name: Kristy

message: My goals for the upcoming school year are simple. To get better grades and do all my homework. Simple type of goal but you see last year I did almost none of my homework and got horrible grades like d's and c's. I even failed some of my final exams. I almost failed the grade and that wouldve been embarrasing.
name: Lauren

message: my goals are :
-to get out of middle school
-to get a boy friend
-to make many new friends.
-to stay out of trouble
-to make cheerleader
-to make better grades
name: rosebud / Willow

message: Pass this year without failing a subject and surviving the harsh condetions of our teen society . . .
name: ^FaNtAcY^

message: To get straight A's all year long.
name: Brittany

message: to make annor roll again and meet new people!
name: Sha

message: Since I am starting at a new school, my main goal is to meet new people and to make new friends. I am in many honors/AP classes so I hope I can keep my grades up.
name: Dustin

message: I want to have a 4.0 (at least) GPA, be a Junior Marshall, be a successsful drum captain. I also want to have really high SAT scores. And just have FUN.
name: Kayla

message: Doing better in my school work, not messing around and try my best to stay out of trouble , I'm gonna have to take 11th grade serious
name: Chienell