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…on the THING for the Weeks of 09/22/2006 & 09/29/2006 :

Do You Want To Get A Body Piercing (Stretched/Gauged?) Or Tatoo And Why?

message: I really wouldn't like to have a body piercing nor a tatto cause those are things that in my opinion are a way to protest about something and right now when everything is OK do it, Ok pierce it, or whatever there is nothing to complain about and piercing is uncool.
name: anirulita

message: I would be interesting in getting a tatoo if it commemorated something really important in my life or had special meaning to me. For me, something as permanant as a tatoo would have to hold incredibly significance or meaning. So yes, I would definately consider it.
name: K-La

message: I wish I could get snakebites.

what do you guys think?
name: lykomgitsBURNOUT

message: No; they're too permanent. I've always been prone to changing my mind (a lot), so I would want something that changed with my mood or the weather, etc.
name: anonymous

message: tatoo…maybe
name: suma

message: no, they are sick.
name: Chloe

message: I want a tattoo, because my brother got gauges, and said it bled and hurt like hell. Tats are forever,so I'll get something good…
name: Kiki

message: body piercings are hot, but tats ROCK! I'd want Bam Margera inked on me! soooooooo fine!
name: Bamlover

message: No WAY! That is so totally sick!
name: 001Angelgirl

message: YOu know it
name: Jubily

message: No way!!!!!! I think it is totally stuipid. People think they look cool, but the truth is they aren't.
name: anonymous

message: I have eleven piercings and i want more and when i get older i want tatoo's also.
name: pigluvr

message: It's all about making yourself identifiable as different and sometimes about the astetic pleasure of looking upon it. The peircing or tattoo is a physical extension of how you think. Most teens need to identify with people who will be open minded to the way they think. Black eyeliner, multiple peircings, and tattoos can be a helpful marker to identify people whom a person could identify and discuss things with. Another part of this kind of expression is in the pain of the procedure. Physical pain, at least amoung today's teens, is an accepted way to deal with any phsycological pain caused by family or life. It's a viable releif of those emotions, and in alot of times is often praised when someone comes in with a new peircing/tattoo. All the more attention is drawn to the individual when someone who disaproves of the peircing/tattoo sees it and comments upon it. Because the teen doesn't care about the person's opinion, it makes it easier to display self confidence. Thus, having these differences is very pleasing to teens.
name: Jane

message: i want to get a tatto of my nickname Lazie to show ppl who i am an to show were im from id put a X.Lazie.4 thats wat my tatto would be cuz
name: Lazie

message: Yes! I want a to get my belly button peiced! haha omg yes that would be a real shocker for my father!! haha
name: chanel

message: I think that Streched/Gauged piercings are disgusting. i dont know why people would want ot things like that to themselfs its scary!
name: Kathleen

message: I have my ears guaged to a zero now. And in a few years in getting wings tatooed on my back. And if school allowed it i would have vipers. But yes.
name: Tawni

message: I might get a tatoo when i get older. I'm too young now, but I've always enjoyed body art, and wouldnt mind some for myself

As for piercings, I don't really want anymore. I already have two, and the thought of getting more holes in my body dosent really excite me.
name: pictur3scrazy

message: no way i will never get a body piercing
name: calvin

message: I would get a piercing depnding on where it is. The same goes for tattoos. The thing abiut tattoos is that you have to think about when you get to be like, 90, no one wants to see "Grandma's" back or breast tatoo! EWWWW!
name: LuckiCharm

message: no
name: odiyan

message: Yeah I want my lip piercing on the bottom right and I want my ear gauged to at least a four.
name: Amanda

message: I have one tattoo already and I'm getting another one very soon, I've become addicted to them! I feel that its my body and all do what I want with it…I'll be the cool grama 40 years from now!!! But for me body piercings are something I wouldnt do because when I'm older all most likely kick my self in the ass for doing it!!! So its only tattoo's for me, and I'll get as many as I want!!!
name: sparklingwishesx0x

message: no Way Beacase it is not right to me do somthing like that to me.
name: floridastar

message: I wouldn't get a piercing, because as a guy, I just don't see something like that being part of my image. A tattoo, however, is something totally different - provided that you don't go for something bland and mainstream like a tribal/celtic tattoo, you could have something amazingly unique about you. I want a tattoo, and I'm definitely looking forward to getting one.
name: anonymous

message: i already have one piercing and want more, along with a tattoo once i get the money. I understand it is permanent but there are some things which will always mean something to me, and if that is the way i choose to expresss it, then judgemnent should be reserved. Especially if you haven't experienceed it yourself.
name: casey

message: I want to get a tattoo on the lower hemisphere of my arm pit. It's lonely.
name: anonymous