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…on the THING for the Weeks of 10/13/2006 & 10/20/2006 :

How Are You Different From Everyone Else?

message: Do by your self… it's important way to get different wint evreyone else.
name: sari

message: Well i would like to think i am unique in that i try hard in my studies while still having time with all my friends… and just because my grades are good doesn't mean i don't have a life… i also write songs and am currently auditioning for a demo cd… and i try not to conform with everybod's idea of cool but sometimes it is quite hard! so yea…
name: anonymous

message: I'm better everyone else in my whole school. I'm super smart and perfect. I love pigs.
name: Ivanna

message: I can lick my elbow.
name: Danielle

message: what seperates me from everyone else in the world? it's hard to say, it could be my caring nature, my overachieving habits, or maybe even my smile. i'm not the one to judge what makes me different, i'm just here to love, and hopefully be loved in return. i realize i won't live forever, and i take everyday one step at a time, savoring life and all it has to offer, life is too short to be boring and lonely all the time, so don't waste it worrying about what sets you aside from your peers, you'll know when it hits you, until then, enjoy being who you are, and be real.
name: alittlegirl

message: im cool
name: anonymous

message: wow…that's really an interesting question …I think I am not very different…you know we all human beings…we all get thirsty…hungry…laugh in funny situations and we all don't like to wake up in the morning to go to school…but from the other sight…i am so different …because sometimes i just like to think about life about nice…small but great things that makes me laugh…cry…i think so much people try too hard to be happy …for me it not hard it's that simple nice thing u can find by watching the sun going down…by watching small children going to their school…do not think me that shy girl who sits alone in school and always confused…no at all…however i think the difference between me and you people…i don't know …maybe i will call it the understanding of the colours of life…

message: I just am im one of those boys who stay on the low key i have a girl friend but i never cheat i never rush a girl to do any thing she dont want 2 do im a gentle men im everything a girl can ask for
name: Qbone

message: others and I WOULD say i'm VERY different. I love to stand out, wear all black, and even sometimes do random things just to make my friends laugh. I love to stand around with my cutter buddies and make fun of preps. it's hilarious.
name: GOTHICandLOVINit

message: i have my own stlye and i think differently.
name: Rosie

message: can"t no one do me like i do me…i am just unique
name: topnotchdiva

message: i support bernie sanders !!!!!!
name: dylan

message: im special in a way, dat mayb others won't understand me…
name: hannah