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…on the THING for the Weeks of 10/27/2006 & 11/3/2006 :

What Scares You The Most?

message: Kidnappers, Bugalars, Killers.
name: anonymous

message: It depends on if you mean physically or mentally. Ohysically i am absolutely terrified of cockroaches and maggots. They truly disgust me. Mentally I am afraid everyone will begin to lose their own uniqueness if they keep trying to be like each other. On a religious note I also fear people won't be "right" when Jesus comes back.
name: LuckiCharm

message: I think wat scares me most are PREPS!!! They are always like,"!!!" and it's so annoying to hear.
name: bamlover

message: Dying
name: anonymous

message: nothing really. if my family is ok, i'm ok!
name: anonymous

message: Being left here on earth after the Rapture.
name: Nelson

message: clowns
name: anonymous

message: what scares me the most is being judged by the people around me. Always thinking about what they think. I wonder if she thinks im fat? I wonder if he thinks im cool? Dont let this fear overcome you, cause others are going to take advantage of it.
name: the random fattie

message: my sister's face
name: blah

message: Not being liked. I hate it how the popular people sit there and snicker at you. i wosh they could be nicer..
name: Kiss-Don't-Kill

message: drunken hobos
name: iininnip

message: clowns and dolls and getting raped those first 2 things were childhood fears but the third one has so much to do with the real world and things that really happen to girls my age
name: Aya

message: The things that most scares me is exosist .
name: anonymous

message: when i cant find the right wwords for a poem or loosing my flow
name: sonya

message: Seeing my face
name: anonymous