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…on the THING for the Weeks of 12/08/2006 & 12/15/2006 :

What Do You Really Want for Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa?

We started off this Thing of the Week only asking about Christmas. Later, after some of you asked about Hannukah, we expanded it to include Hannukah and Kwanzaa. Our apologies! We'll try in the coming weeks to ask questions that have to do with Islam, Hindu, and Buddhism.

message: A pony haha well I really want to go on a vacation for once but haha thats not going to happen so I think I jus want to get my room re-done
name: Dawson

message: My Life Back. The old life which was fun and i had no worries about girls, family, school, anything.
name: seahawk_198

message: toe socks
name: anonymous

message: Uggs
name: anonymous

message: newly paved street and skate shoes. also a nicely paved driveway that slants down to the street so i could skate out of the garage and into the street with momentum. i want momentum for christmas. and skate-shoes.
name: jayson

message: For Hanukkah, I really want shugga buds, the earphones with the crystals encusted in them. I know that they are totally frivolous, but I can't help myself. Other than that, I would love a bunch a new books.
name: Brooke

message: I am Jewish. did you ever think to ask me what I want for Hannukah? no. not all of us are Christian, you know, dim-wad..... But, for Hannukah, All I really want is a new cell. mine sucks
name: emo_girl

message: I want Bam Margera... he's so hot, i swear. other than that, i want mula.... $$$$
name: Mrs.Margera


message: a kitten
name: Sara

message: the ability 2 do a headstand or the splits!!!!!!!! or a gym mat 2 practise on.
name: lion

message: I really want a digital camera because my sister just got one for her birthday. I also want a ipod because my sister stole mine. What a mean sister i have
name: ;ejflkesJf

message: I want a mp3 player,some jordans, a whole bunch of clothes,xbox 360, with some games, also a playstation 2, with games,some money, and some silver grillz with diamonds
name: Aaron

message: A ps2
name: lenie

message: What i really want for christmas is alot of gift and all my family to come to my house.
name: shadow

message: well now you change it. how thoughtful. i wasn't gonna write but now i will. I want moolah for Hannukah. you know,,,,,, it was only what do you want 4 christmas until someone spoke up. haha.
name: Hebrew101

message: Honestly? I guess a Wii. It's about the only thing I REALLY want right now, although I could live without it.
name: Chiaro

message: iPod Nano. Pink to be exact
name: Nicole

message: Pretty much all i want is the gift of seeing my family. SIKE! I want an i pod mini, dude! yeah. hehe HANNUKAH RULZ!!!!!
name: RandomJew

message: ipod
name: anonymous

message: All i really want for christmas is a family get-together where no one fights, no one gets annoyed by someone else and all that other crap! But gift wise...i'd love to have DDR or Guitar Hero 2
name: Juliets Broken Opera

message: hmm... well, i guess just to be loved, truly loved, by someone. we spend our whole lives looking for that special someone, and if i were to find that someone this year it would help a lot through all the hard times i'm going through. i would also ask for my sister to notice me. she like never talks to me anymore cuz she's in college and i luv her and i want her to know that and reciprocate the same feelings...
name: hppygirl

message: hmm well i would have to saY a digtal camara or my cell phone i miss
name: tasha08

message: what kind of question is that? i mean... come on! maybe next week you'll have something better?!
name: lypo

message: I want to go home.IM halfway across the country
name: hloecay

message: for christmas, i want an ipod b cuz itz vry hard 2 carry around a cd player everywhere i go. even if its just a shuffle, it will b fine with me. p.s. ya, i'll take money,2!
name: Ricky hater

message: All i want iz a boyfriend that won't cheat on me like jeffrey did! jerk!
name: heartbroken

message: nothing really. cant think of much. christmas used to be so cool when i was little but now i have no idea. most of this stuff i can get on my own with the money from my job but i guess i ask for expensive things so i dont have to buy it. like certain types of perfume, jackets, shoes, purses. msot of that stuff. and movies that ive wanted forever. but christmas just doesnt seem like that big of a deal anymore. the only reason i like it is the break we get.
name: Jackie