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…on the THING for the Weeks of 01/19/2007 & 01/26/2007 :

What do you actually know about Islam?

We started off this Thing of the Week only asking about Christmas. Later, after some of you asked about Hannukah, we expanded it to include Hannukah and Kwanzaa. Our apologies! We'll try in the coming weeks to ask questions that have to do with Islam, Hindu, and Buddhism.

message: I have an Islamic penpal. She is from Israel, and she is very nice. That's all I have to say about this. I don't want to hurt her feelings about telling too much about her. Everyone deserves privacy.
name: anonymous

message: Nothing...i've heard the name before. I think its like a kind of shoe or i heard someone say it was a clothing designer
name: someone special

message: people blow stuff up
name: anonymous

message: My friend says its a kind of alcohol
name: someone special

message: I know that their sign is a little cresent moon and a star.
andddd they had muhamad or musama or something like that as the father of the four father's or something.
you get what I mean
name: Sabrina

message: actually??
that they have the torah as their "book"...that's about it...sorry!!
name: hppygirl

message: I know is Islam is a religion inspired by The true God
name: Airnextz

message: All I know si that they prey.

message: I know most of the people there are Islam or Muslim, am I right? do i win a prize now?
name: bamlover

message: That the people dress wierd there\
name: melinda

message: um... not much... who am i kidding, NOTHING!!! what a boring question, eh?
name: OZ