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…on the THING for the Weeks of 02/23/2007 & 03/02/2007 :

What do you devote the most time and energy into?

message: Playing my clarinet. I will be doing it for the rest of my life and I plan to be known for it.
name: Melissa

message: I devote my most time into my schoolwork and then comes my dancing.
name: anonymous

message: I devote the most time and energy into talking to people and trying to be liked!
name: anonymous

message: I devote most of my time and energy into becoming a better reader and writer. I would like to become a travel journalist. This would be the best way for me to see the world.
name: dee

message: outfits because i like totally need to like wear the cutest outfit every single day!!!! Cuz like i totally like need to impress the hot student teachers who are like totally sexy!!!! good bye! MUAH kisses
name: Brittany

message: I devote most of my time for the moment to school, my mother and the computer...
name: Himiko

message: probably the computer or the tv
name: anonymous

message: i try to devote the most time on God and praying, but um...yea. doesn't always work out that way. I should probably say that before you judge what i'm about to say, you should know that my parents expect wayyyyy to much out of me. I have to have all 98's and above. yea, i know. but i guess what i put the most time and energy into is school! i mean, i want a good life. and to have that good life, i have to get into a good college. to get into a good college, i have to get good grades. to get good grades, i have to spend a ton of time studying and doing homework.......yea. it's like a never ending cycle. but the other thing i spend time on is.....HAVIN FUN!!! heck yea buddy!! i love hanging out with my friends and lauging my head off with them like 24/ yep!!
name: hppygirl

message: I spend most of my time with my friends, watching T.V. and listening to music!
name: anonymous

message: School work
name: daniyel

message: homework.
name: kinetik

message: hmmmm probably irish dance i love to irish dance
name: someone special

message: porn
name: anonymous