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…on the THING for the Week of 03/09/2007 :

Do you think it's hard to be a celebrity? Why or why not?

message: It's hard becoming a celebrity and then staying in the spotlight. It takes a while to learn all the tricks of the trades and then becoming a star. Staying in the spotlight requires alot of mental and physical conditioning. It's usually bad publicity after there golden days, the spotlight becomes blurred with the glamour life everyone wants to live.
name: anonymous

message: yes, because you can't go places without being recognized by someone. They never really get time to themselves and their lives are an open book to the media.
name: anonymous

message: oh yes its super hard to be a celeb, duh. They have to worry about looking amazing all the time and some of them have to take care of dogs too. Also they have to adopt babies from other countries and they havta travel to exotic places really really often.
name: fat mama

message: I think that it is terribly hard to be s celebrity, because you are no longer allowed to walk into a store,bathroom,or gas station with out having your photo taken. Because of this celebritys must always look perfect, lest yoiu have an embarassing photo of picking your nose, or bottom.
name: Natalie

message: yeah, the pressure is on u cuz everyone is watching. if ur perfect you will be a hit if ur not u will die. u r a role model. all eyes on u.
name: Mysterious Wizard

message: It is not difficult to attain celebrity status. Simply design your behavior to appeal to the state of consciousness of the masses.
The masses manifest consciously pain, violence, material wealth, sexual promiscuity and conflict. Simply allow yourself to stand out in any one or even more of these areas and you will surely have no trouble becoming a celebrity. You don't have to ask my peers how to become famous they all know how. Become physically attractive, socially disruptive, materially wealthy anything that our society focuses on manifesting and you will garner plenty of attention. Celebrity is based on insecurity and ego centered behavior and theres certainly not a shortage of insecure people.
name: jerm

name: Chelsey

message: I personally think it's not hard to be a celebrity. Firstly, celebrity spells out l.u.x.u.r.y. Not everyone prioritize a life of luxury but majority would want to indulge in it. From what i have observed, not all of the celebrities in the music industry for example, have really good music to be sold but they still make millions out of it. If i may say, being a celebrity in the west is much more influensive to the people around the world. Once you're labelled as a celebrity, your records are supposed to be always good. Atleast that's what have been implented into our minds. The only thing a celebrity might regret in being famous is the uber exposure of his or herself on the media pertaining the unimaginable. Paparazzis are always prepared to capture moments of 'privacy' n share it with the fans. I think the celebrities are somewhat immuned to all these already and they stick the saying 'Ignorance is bliss'. It's not as heavy as a problem of solving a family's mounting debt or dealing with poverty or worse, dealing with war. A majority of people believe that getting into the celebrity world will change their lives totally. For those who have been living by the downside of the street would be gaining respect from people than ever before. Eventhough a celebrity is always in the limelight(i mean ALWAYS), i don't think it affects them anymore because no matter what they do, they will still be published in magazines, screened on the television and so on. Therefore i stress that being a celebrity is not hard. It's just how you cope with it.
name: Coy

message: kinda because the paparazzi is always in they grill. i would not want 2 be famous
name: kinky

message: hklrg bklerwjbfegfbnui how long is this question going to be UPPPPPPPPP good lord
name: someone special

message: sure y not
name: ur mother/mia

message: yeah, because there are people who follow you everywhere you go, and if you're a girl they'll try to get a camera up your skirt. You'll probably get stuff thrown at you regularly and I can't imagine the hate mail you'd get daily.
name: Xephyr

message: Yes and no because the celebs might always be worried that they might not give their fans what they want but it might be easy for them too cause they have all this money and things. You also have to worry about the paparitzi all the time and im sure thats not very fun:(
name: Royal Diva

message: yes because you have to be a leader for everyone and you have to stay looking good!
name: Shana

message: yes because you can never your own privacy and a paparazzi is always in your face when you go out in public it might be fun for a while but not your whole life
name: Someone special

message: I think it would be hard to be a celebrity, because you feel obligated to be perfect, because everything you do eventually ends up in the tabloids. Plus, the paparazzi follows you everywhere.
name: sarah

message: I think it's hard to be a celebrity because people think it's all fun and games with money and fame, but in reality, it's uber dangerous because they are stalked and critized. I mean, just look at Princess Di. She was run off the road but fierce paparazzi. It's all their fault though because they decide to be in the spotlight, and its their fault they don't know the consequences. But I mean, Princess Di didn't choose to be famous or anything so it's chill.
name: Luke

message: Well i dont think it would HARD to be a celebrity i mean people might only wanna date you cuz you famous. But that happens sorta to people who arent famous like guys might only go out with them because they have big boobs or something
name: someone special

message: Yes..and no, celebrities are ravaged by cameras, people wanting autographs, and gossip. It is not hard being a celebrity sometimes, because you make millions, maybe bilions of dollars.
name: Jansen