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…on the THING for the Weeks of 03/30/2007 & 04/06/2007 :

What do you imagine your life will be like 10 years from now?

message: i think my life will be really different. i will be skiny and beautiful.
name: anonymous

message: a kid (girl) kennedy or missy a porche a husband thats a cute fireman me is a pro dancer or singer chris my husband if he still cute.
name: sarah

message: i dont know i dont know maybe a super sta bra bra
name: jus

message: Ten years from now I imagine myself settled down in Boston or Seattle with a husband and two children.I want to be a soccer mom, but not of the usuall sort. Yes, I want an SUV, but that is as typical as it gets.
name: Haley

message: awsome
name: better than you

message: In 10 years life will be admitting to everyone and happiness wil be eternal or it will be hell becuase of all the people.... :(
name: MOI!!!!!

message: i will have 10 billon dollars
name: rhiujhfjsdnjfhsjld

message: my life...hmm... I hope to be moderately successful in my life, if not humongously 10 years i will be 25, so i will still be in med school getting my degree to be a physchiatrist(sp?)... and i hope to have a boyfriend if not fiance by then...(blue eyes hopefully)(tehehe) and i hope also that i will still be friends with some of the people that i am friends with now cuz like my parents really like my friends right now...i wuv you wesley and anna and emme!!! tehehe... and i also would like to be in a really nice home, with like an indoor pool/jacuzzi and tennis courts cuz i really like tennis...even though i haven't played in awhile....and....i hope i am just still a sweet, laughing all the time girl like i am now! or at least i hope i am! :-) so yep!!

i love u!mwhah!
name: hppygirl

message: I would probubly would be just getting out of prison. I base my guess on the staggering increase of people being incarserated. where there is bragging rites for the police there is also fear for the public
name: anonymous

message: It could be quite different with my thinking.I would be 33 years old after 10 years. My younger sister who has graduated and has a boyfriend always argues with me. I process a good career, a small house, a small garden, a small daughter and a great man. I have problems with my mother-in-law, my husband and my child. I will cry much and laugh also.
name: lovely-grass

message: I imagine myself as a Civil Engineer, designing and building houses and public/private places. I can see myself as a mother, may be of two kids or just one. I can picture my future as a successful wife, person, mom, human being. Having a lot of friends; taking care of my parents. Helping people. =)
name: Madelaine

message: I would hope o be a semi-professional writer or editor so I could a least read other peoples' writing, and make i better. OR have a job at Starbucks with a cute, funny, charming boyfrind if not fiance and lots of frinds tthat don't make fun of me all he time
name: Emily

message: idk! i cant tell the future! LOL!
name: Chelsey

message: i think my life will be very different. i will have to pay for everything i buy and i will have to pay for bills and lots of other things. also, i will be able to have a car and eat cookie mom won't let be have it till im out of her house! sad, isn't it? i also will get a job and go to college.
name: anonymous

message: I'll live in Venice italy and practice vetinary medicine and paint for fun while I'm not working. (I LOVE Italian food.)
name: Xephyr

message: well hopefully my life will be good i will have found the love of my life and most importantly i will be happy.
name: R@Z

message: i will be a billionair living in africa!!!!
name: anonymous

message: I imagine my life to be Organized, stressful, coordinated with a little fun here and there. I want have a life of purpose, I want to be happy with my life and the things that keep me busy. SO I may not be living in fast forward but at least I'll know what I want.
name: Katie

message: Well I'm really good at everything I do so I know I will be famous, I don't need to imagine it.
name: lora

message: I think that i will be a heart surgeon and will be living in a 9million$house
name: anonymous