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…on the THING for the Weeks of 04/15/2007 & 04/22/2007 :

What do you most want to change about yourself? What's stopping you?

message: NOTHING. cause i luv me!!!
name: anonymous

message: My grades, Myself
name: anonymous

message: that im not a hobo
name: anonymous

message: there is nothing stoping me from stopping me. DUHHHHHHH what do you want me too say there is alwyas something stopping me. wont everyone say the same thinhg thats what you wnat to here. and i want to change my hair becuase its toooo hard to comb out. and i dont like it at all. and the thing stopping me realy is my parents becuase they like it... well there r a lot more things i would like to become an adult so theres no more skool and i would like to become a cheff... yummm food. and no im not fat
name: anonymous

message: my weight, i never have time to exercise. and i also have a terrible weakness to good food!
name: adela

message: I would like to change my height
name: anonymous

message: i want my toes to be a little more longer than they already are. like a foot or two. science is the thing that is stopping me darling.
name: BAH

message: i want really really long finger 5 feet!
but............yeah i cant really do that cause of school!
name: short nailed

message: my body i think i am to fat i am 11 years old and weigh 95 pounds
name: anonymous

message: Why would I want to change anything about myself? Contrary to popular belief there are actually some teenagers who are comfortable with ourselves. This doesn't mean that we are stuck up or think we're perfect. We know and understand that we have faults and try to improve them but as for being all my body is awful or I 'm an awful person I'd say there are less of those out there then you think. Most people hve somethings that they don't like about themselves but still most people are also comfortable enough with themselves that they wouldn't change themselves. We are made the way we are. Nature isn't perfect, its what makes it beautiful.
name: Natasha

message: my weight - i'm 30 lbs overweight...and really nothings stopping me from changing that i relatively eat very healthy and excersize occasionally but i guess i should eat less and excersize more
name: anonymous

message: My height...........i am almost the shortest girl in my grade............ id like to be a half-of-foot twelve and 4 and a half feet
name: shorty

message: I want to change my study habits. i stay up late many nights trying to finish an assignment that was given to me weeks ago. i am a hard-core thick-headed procrastinator and i want to stop; there's just so much going on it's hard to get a grip.
name: *aunie*

message: my lack of confidence in myself
name: anonymous