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…on the THING for the Weeks of 04/27/2007 & 05/06/2007 :

Does news media, TV, movie, and/or video game violence encourage others to be violent?

message: I think it does and the reson I think that is that alot of kids take this stuff way to seriously and if they took a second and thought I think it would be alot better.
name: anonymous

message: I think that it depends on the person. some people have a violent nature and so they could be easily prompted to violence by watching those things. but if the person knows that violence is wrong/bad then they probally wont be AS effectd. but i think that parents/teacher/adults make a bigger deal of the violence by media issue than there really is. i think that its out there and the people could fall into it by the media, but not as much as those people think.
name: anonymous

message: Yes, because we learn from what were taught. And video games are just teaching us that if we kill something evil then we'll get another life... reality check we only have one life to live. The tv/movies just teach us that if we fight then you're gonna get the job and look super-cool. the news does actually show the effects of fighting and that there is penalties from violence.
name: thr3littlewords

message: I personally believe that videogames or the media can only influence you so much...the rest just depends on one's on mental status. We can't keep complaining that the media is destroying the minds of our kids....well in that case maybe you should raise your own kid insted of having the internet and tv do it for you, just because it's convienient
name: Mariah

message: Yes,We play these games and watch these videos, that portray violence as a entertainment source, and the media has no thoughts toward this whatsoever. They are either irrogant or purposefully ruining our generation
name: Silence Doogood

message: yes it can teach others to be violent because some people's idols, are criminals!
name: Cara

message: No. People who are violent may misinterpret violence in media. Some movies make violence appear glorious or awesome, but viewers should be able to distinguish a fictional piece of entertainment from what is acceptable in real life. If tv, movies, and games portrayed real life, then no one would buy or watch them. Some video games are quite graphic and violent, but I think that a game may provide an outlet for someone who wouldn't mind shooting a few people. People must be intelligent and able to determine that what is shown in these various media is fiction and that life cannot be taken for granted.
name: anonymous