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…on the THING for the Weeks of 05/11/2007 & 05/18/2007 :

Do you have any plans for the summer?

message: yes
name: anonymous

message: No not yet, but I have a wish to go in Spain
name: Nino

message: ya i am moving to maryland and will have no connections with my friends.
name: alyssa

message: i plan on chillin with my friends and maybe travelin
name: pinki

message: Yep! I'm going to Los Angeles this summer to take Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Fast-Paced Biology. ^^. After that, I'm going to China to visit my grandmother. I'm sooooooooooo excited!
name: Nicole

message: yaaa im going to like hang out wiht my friends do alot of stuff swim and like do stuff
name: sargentblond

message: yepppp im off to siberia. seriously.
name: fantasyfreak

message: Growing up, I had the most memorable summers in Ocean City, Maryland. I now live in Louisiana and am a young new 18 year old mom. I look forward to bringing my little boy to a place that meant so much to me.
name: Samantha

message: yea! i plan to get a job to earn some money, and hangout with all my friends, go places out of town, and celebrate that skool is OVER!!! atleast until august then its back to skool :(
name: Chelsley

message: Actually, not realy...
name: Roma

message: yes, i am going to new york to attend the Culinary Institute of America. Oh, and if your wondering what us teens are thinking nowadays, were wondering what the future of this country is, and what it has in store for us. when were not worrying aout that, were probabbly just having fun with friends.
name: anonymous

message: no not really actually i might go to Puerto Rico but i'm not sure.
name: anonymous

message: i have a plan to go vacation on niagra falls
name: mahfuzur

message: Yes! I am planning a teen book discussion at the branch library for sometime in June (I hope) and I will be Volunteering at the library again this summer, something my friend and I have done for over three years maybe (thinks) I cant remember how long. Then I will be going to camp hopefully ^-^ If I dont have to take summer school to get algebra B out of the way, Bleh, math.
name: Bethany

message: yes, i'm planing a pool party, and to play with my neighbors. i'm also planing a huge slumber party.
name: megan

message: read read read read read.
Not that I want to, but if I want to be a writer, it's good to do.
Goal for the next 7 years: FINISH Proust's IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME!!!!
name: Vrixton