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…on the THING for the Weeks of 05/25/2007 & 06/01/2007 :

What's the last good movie that you saw? What's your favorite movie?

message: Just this weekend I saw The Invisible. It was AWESOME!!!

My favorite movie is Breakfast Club.
name: garrison

message: Children of Men
Texas Chainsaw Massacre

name: Holly

message: Norbit. It will kill you.
name: Ballin'

message: Rent... Stand By Me!
name: Megan

message: the last movie i saw was stomp the yard and my favorite one is stomp the yard.
name: jakiaya

message: I can tell you what it's not... Pirates of the Cariibean Three! Alright we get it, the first one was good, but sequels are just bad! Please, do not endorse those movies, except maybe the first one, or they'll come out with even more BOMBS!!!
name: mAdCaT RULEZ

message: The last good movie that I saw has to be Spider-man3. I liked it because it had good story yet it picked up very nicely. But my favorite movie of all time is probobly Minority Report. It has an amazing story, alot of action, some great mystery and it is very suspencefull.
name: Ztimster

message: ummmmm...........I am going to have to say the lion king (first one) i know its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
name: mooofasssaaa

message: Pirates of the Caribbean 3!!
favorite movie: breakfast club & garden state

name: anonymous

message: Pirates 3
name: anonymous

message: omg, i would have to say the best movie i've ever seen would have to be Grease. yup i love that musical soooo much.
name: alexandrea

message: It was Ghost Rider, but I was sick throughout the whole thing, so it wasn't really enjoyable; My FAVORITE movie of all time is Slient Hill. I know it's a little cheesy, but I love it!
name: Anonymous