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…on the THING for the Weeks of 06/08/2007, 06/15/2007, and 06/22/2007 :

Name a song that you would never admit to your friends that you like.

message: push it to the limit by corbin bleu
name: anonymous

message: Basically all music i like... all of it is unpopular- for instance, classical music and video game and movie soundtracks
name: mAdCaT RULEZ

message: The song that I would never admit is probobly Tiny dancer by Elton John even though it is actulaly my favorite song.
name: Ztimster

message: Fergalicious.
name: cute_but_psycho

message: If I Let You Go, by Westlife (?), anything by Jesse McCartney
name: anonymous

message: carrie underwood- before he cheats
name: anonymous

message: Doraemon theme song in Indonesian
name: anonymous

message: Pay Back because its a song by an author every one hates.
name: Ellie

message: Hold on by the Jonas Brothers
name: Hailey

message: Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5(Rock & Pop)
name: anonymous

message: Come on get a new one I"m super bored. GET A NEW ONE NOW!!!!!
name: cookiemonster