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What do you spend the most money on?

message: i dont have any money!!! im broke as w/e, but when my mom gives me money to shop, she usually gives me 40 bucks. i spend about 30. i like to save money. yeah, i'm cheap
name: anonymous

message: Music.
name: Lolsurveys

message: food
name: dew drop

message: Probably putting gas in my car and my insurance. After that my cell phone bill and anything extra is clothes or into my checkin account.
name: Hannah

message: books
name: enid

message: well i spend most of my money on buying cloths
name: mruna

message: There are two things if one views the question in a slightly broader sense than what it normally would be taken in, but first I shall stick to the questions intent and answer it that context. What I spend the most money on is Music at least it is what I enjoy spending the most money on.And not just any music it has to be the Beatles or the Beatles solo in fact my most recently acquired CD is Memory Almost Full (Paul McCartney,2007)a fab album I might say. But it is not just this form of music I spend money on there are movies to do with music such as A Hard Day's Night (Beatles,1964)and then there is the flute I plan to buy, the book to teach me how, and of course my guitar which requires constant attention what with strings,and picks,and tone pins,and then there is the sheet music Oh! it is never ending but I love it it is a wonderful investment that never stops giving back it is eternal, the possibilities infinite!
Now as to the second subject on which I promised to speak
It really is not a proper answer to the question it is rather a Lewis Carroll way of looking at a question if you would.Anway what I think I would spend the most money on if charged to do so would be books just think of how it would add up if we were required to rent them it would probably add up to thousands for me at any rate . But no we are simply required to give our names and address and we are handed A library ticket and the whole library is ours! We can walk in like kings of old what treasures of knowledge and imagination are at our finger tips any book we wish to read at no price! Imagine what a child or any person in medieval times would think! How thankful they would be! For this opportunity that many of us take for granted. We are truly prince and princess of knowledge a treasure many of us sadly never explore.
name: Nicole

message: Food items.
name: Srikanth

message: Well, being a girl i spend most my money on clothes and accessories.
name: laffy

message: My friends, I think it's more fun to spend money while you're hanging out rather than buying some random stuff.
name: Alphaviking

message: I think that I spend the most money on writing utensils. Like pads of paper, and pencils, and binders.
name: Mandiey

message: i spend most money for the others because i don't have so much requirements
but i mostly spend money on buying books.
name: hassan