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…on the THING for the Week of 07/20/2007 & 07/27/2007 :

What do you most frequently lose or forget?

message: Deeply studied Chapters of history & geography.
name: Kshitiz

message: sunglasses
name: Ray

message: I frequently forget the name of people I met. Even if I meet them a lot of time.
name: Jakson

message: I rarely lose things, but I seem to be jinxed when it comes to my cell phone. I have lost it 3 times over the past year (and so far it has turn up each time in an odd location a few months later). I'm not sure why I lose it so frequently, because I do use it to text and communicate with friends, mostly. It might be part of me wanting a break from reality, me wanting an escape.
name: anonymous

message: my notes
name: maggie

message: My car Keys!!
name: Kristi

message: I am a bookworm so therefore unfortunately i always leave my book at home!!!!!!
name: LIBBY!!!

message: Umbrellas
name: anonymous

message: i frequently lose my mind! and i forget most of my thought!
name: o_oyazmina_oo_