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…on the THING for the Weeks of 08/03/2007 & 08/10/2007 :

What career do you want to pursue and why?

message: Education, cause it is tomorrow and the next day. It is forever and it is compassion and love and thrilling all at the same time!
name: Kellie

message: i dont no i wanted to be a doctor but now i am studying computer eng. and iam still unsure .
name: starting life

message: I want to be a vet tech because I have loved taking care of animals my whole life. Plus I wont have to go to college as long!
name: Katie

message: Illustration, drawing/writing my own comics (but mostly drawing), some animation for fun. I enjoy all of it and I'm decent at the first two, and having some formal education in all three I think it wouldn't be a wasted effort.
name: Pimpette

message: I want to become a teacher at mission sites and compounds in Africa. I whatched a documentory called Invisible Children about kids in Uganda. Since then I have a heart for kids in Uganda and people in poverty.
name: Kathryn

message: I want to become a sicologist (don't know the spelling). The reason why I want to become one is because I always help my friends. If they have problems they come to me and ask my advice and I help them. With problems and I am always there and I give my honnest opinion. I help them if they are in bad situasions and I also help them get through it. I like to help others.
name: Su-Mari