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Are you or were you ever intimidated by someone you find very attractive? Any good advice for getting over that?

message: u should learn 2 get over it coz sometimes it can harm u
name: azu

message: yes
be short and to the point with your answers do not become close
it will wear off.
name: jill

message: Yes I have. I do regret being intimidated by them because they acted like a "normal" person and I now feel silly thinking about how I acted. Advice is to think how you would feel if you found out you were intimidating to someone. If it is too hard to talk to them try and get to know them via websites like msn or bebo. Connect with them through other friends this will help you see them as a regular person. You never know maybe something will spark up between the both of you.
name: anonymous

message: yes,i do. my senior(she's very popular) i don't care while she intimidate me. well,my friend always angry to her....and..thats
name: teen_space

message: Yes because when you are around them you feel like really ugly. I have this friend and she is so pretty whenever I am around her I feel really ugly.
name: Michelle

message: No theres no good advoce. Its something everyone goes throught. Get over it.
name: Buttface.

message: All you can do is be your self. Stop wishing to be someone else and look at the positive in you!!!
name: anonymous

message: For me, it's always been somewhat intimidating when I approach someone who I find attractive - what if he doesn't feel the same about me? What if he has a girlfriend? What if he's gay? Lots of questions go through my head, but you just have to know that there absolutely is a chance that he WILL feel the same, he DOESN'T have a girlfriend, and he's COMPLETELY straight, and you COULD end up together. Then again, it could be the complete opposite. Let's just hope not =]
name: BHSgirl

message: TELL THEM HOW YOU FEEL!!! thats what I did and we have been together for a while now because I told him how I felt soooo give it a try =)
name: sneadiepoo

message: Yes, because I was nervous, and unable to maintain my composure and hoping that I don't make a mistake in front of them. But how to overcome this is my self confidence. You must know who you are, even if you are a little clumsy sometime, learn to laugh at yourself! You are so normal, and its o-kay!
name: Lil Miss Jazzy J

message: Look for clues of the same feelings.Many of times people get confused of what others think of them which makes it very difficult to approach the opposite sex. Other times people think that He/SHE is way to fine to settle with someone like me. But you'l never know unil you in your heat and make that move you never know what joy and happiness would come out of it and if you dont act quick you may just miss out and regret it later in life.
name: GZUES

message: Every day. I'm so obvious too, but what can you do, other than try to talk your way through it!
name: anonymous