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…on the THING for the Week of 10/21/2007 & 10/28/2007 :

Is there such a thing as a stupid question? Give an example or explain why not.

message: yes,if someone says they're going somewhere and someone else says "Where do they think they're going?" that is a stupid question,is it not?
name: anonymous

message: no question is stupid because the person asking might have no knowledge about what is asked and might want to know. it might sound stupid to the person asked though, but it might be an innocent question from an innocent mind. for instance, a four year old may ask, "daddy,are you a boy or a girl?".
name: bimbo badejo

message: The only stupid question is the one asked without checking for the answer in the mind of the questioner first. Stupidy and laziness may be more intertwined than I realised before writing this sentence.
name: christian_s

message: Yes there is and one would be that say after a teacher or someone introduces themselves by stating their name: then you could ask them whta their name was and that would be a stupid question.

message: there is no such thing as stupid questions because if you don't no the answer that's why you ask so you can find out the answer.

message: Totally! There is such a thing as a stupid question. But it depends on age and level of education. If a twenty five year old says "What's 2+1?" and are serious, it's a dumb question and makes them completely unintelligent. Not that i'm brainy, but come on people!! Or, my friend Tuesday has these little clips that have horns, like devil horns, and when she wears them her long brown hair covers the clip part of it. BUT, when she wears them people ask her, and honestly want to know, if the horns are connected to her head... Just stop and think for a second... She didnt have them yesterday, so... did they grow over night? or are you just a moron? Sorry, but I think there are some realy idiotic questions out there, and the people who say them are even more dumb.
name: Jules

message: yes!!! there totally is the world has tons of stupid questions like for the past week I have had a ton of blonde moments actually I have had them my whole life because I am a blonde but this week I have had more like, Today we were studying for an exam and we were playing a review game then I asked could we use our notes everyone started laughing and today I also asked someone if they had fun at the bowling ring Then as soon as I asked I was like duhhh its not a bowling ring its a bowling alley and then I wish I wouldn't of asked so.... yea theres a bunch of stupid questions
name: sneadiepoo8

message: No, because some people just might not know something. For example maybe someone hasn't learned something yet and the rest of the students have. It wouldn't be stupid to ask the teacher "How do you do that" or "I don't know how to do that.Could you explain that to me?" JUst some people are a little behind than others.
name: j/j

message: Answer: Yes
Example: Is there such a thing as a stupid question?
name: Blue Magoo

message:Yes there is, and this is one of them.
name: anonymous