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…on the THING for the Week of 11/5/2007 & 11/12/2007 :

If you were in a rock band, which member would you be (lead guitar, vocalist, etc.) and why?

message: I guess i would be the vocalist.... I like to be up front and most importantly because I do not know how to play guitar, drums, and piano anymore...
name: anonymous

message: iiii would sing and play guitar because i love it
name: procrastinator

message: i'd be a bass vocalist;because i've a husky voice that's shaken one too many girls ;)
name: Ramesh

message: If I were in a rock band i would want to be the lead vocals because everybody knows thats who the fans really remember.
name: Stephanie

message: Probably the singer because i have the annoying habit of singing all the time, so i might as well do it on stage and maybe get paid.
name: Allycat29

message: I would be the manager and also judge the tracks since I am a bad singer and I don't play any instrument. Also someone is required to oversee things. The ones backstage are as important as those in front. But yeah if I get to learn I will learn Drums
name: Peevesie

message: lead guitar
name: jen

message: I would be the vocalist, becuase i don't play any instraments. Aslo because I enjoy singing.
name: anonymous

message: lead because i would have to be in the spotlight all the time
name: mz.jazzypooh

message: singer because it's the main role
name: Dinh

message: first off i wud neva be in a rock band maybe a group wit hip hop but i wud be tha dancer cusz i love to pop lock and drop it so there you go.
name: anonymous

message: lead guitarist
i like guitars
and i learn how to play it
name: anonymous

message: If i was in a rock band i would be the lead singer of No Doubt (Gwen Stefani) b/c she is beautiful and talented.
name: MSP

message: I would like to be lead guatar
name: anonymous

message: definatly the lead singer because i looooooooooooove to sing
name: P

message: I tyhink that i would be eather the bass palyer the dummer or the singer i think that i would be the drummer.Because i like to hit things and the drummers always seem to have so much fun.
name: satar

message: this is hard idk... mabye daniel powter because he can sing sooooo high!!! i meen really and i could think up any songs at all and they would be there like BOOM and their is the awseome song and you would get millions of dollors because you are doing something that you love!!!
name: molly

message: If i had a chance, i would be in colb play i think that is the best band ever! i love thir music i think its fantastic to listen to it! i think its soo cool listing to thir music because thir albums had been out for so long and they ROCK
name: SouljaGirl

message: Lead guitarist because i am one im slash
name: gunsnroses

message: Probably the lead singer.
name: anonymous

message: I would probally play a instrument instead of singing because singing is not my thing.
name: Andrew

message: I would be lead gutar because i rock {chiks digg me)
name: Jimmy

message: I would be the vocalist. Because I think that's the best way someone could release their emotions, good or bad. It gives you a rush to feel, and hear your words go into motion.
name: pocketchange