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…on the THING for the Week of 11/19/2007 & 11/26/2007 :

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

message: where I can find peace, love & wisdom to share.

name: equestriangutl4

message: I would like to go to Japan, i think its intesting that alot of electronic stuff is made there! i wished i lived there. i like there cars there! like not only the old wired ones the Hott new styles that were giving to America! but i know there still some that are not here yet but its still cool ! i like the fast cars like if you seen the movie the Fast and Furious tokyo drift that movie was alwsome bec of the cars that thet hhad there i wished they had it at america i wished someday they have better stuff here even still i am not alive i wished everything i japan was like this i wished i go there someday and live there.
name: Jessica

message: Spain because all the hot blondes are ther.

message: My friends and I have wanted to take a trip to Europe for a couple years now. Our plan is to straight out of college as au pairs, maybe that will allow time to explore and maybe not. All the same the three of us will be there together..
name: Ally

message: Africa name:anonymous

message: Probally Australia because it is so beautiful and is surrounded by sea. I lived there for 7 years and i want to go back! I love Australia!.
name: Tom

message: Probably New York City. I want to pursue an acting career plus New York City is AWESOME!!!.

message: i would go every where!!! i couldent chose wich place to go they are all really cool!!! i hope when i grow up i do get to go the seven wonders of the world!!! theat would be reallyawesome!!! but you can't do every thing that you want to do so if i had to chose one country it defonatly be greece!!! GREAT FOOD, GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT TOWNS. and i think greece would like to see me!!! I AM AWESOME, I ROCK , I AM AWESOME!!!.

message: Australia because it is a beautiful place.
name: Redz

message: New jersey, to see if they really are dumb. Or to geaorge bush's house to pants him, maybe I'll be famous.
name: chocolate

message: I would go to a place with sun and flowers, a place where I did not need to stress about anything and could relax. I would go to a place where everything that I need is provided for and I do not need to worry about food or homework or anything that could make me worry. I would go to a place where anything I wanted appeared in front of me without any consequences..
name: purplestuffedballoon

message: outer space!

message: I would go to Hawaii because it's so calming and it removes all your worries and evreyday stress that you get.
name: arabiankisses08

message: Italy and Rome it seems really nice there a place to get away, and meet new people.
name: silenceme15

message: Umm, I dont think id go anywhere. id just stay where i am. i know its a boring answer. but im just being honest!
name: Abdullah

message: I'm going to Phoenix, AZ and see [name omitted]
name: Holly

message: Sweden. To ski and party in the alps
name: cosmo4u

name: YUNGLADY360

message: if i could anywere in the world it wouldbe to move to trindad with [name omitted]
name: stayflyondadaliy

message: I Would go to see I love new york
name: king dennis

message: Probably Alaska, just because I love cold weather, to budle up in layers and layers . . . sipping on coffe and hot chocolate and reading in front of the fireplace . . . I think it's extremely romantic!
name: Nneka

message: I'd love to go to Denmark and Australia... Random, I know, I'm just attracted to those places. I would also go to my hometown and visit my grandparents - that would bring so many lost memories back.
name: anonymous

message: If I could go anywhere in the world at this very moment it would be to a country in need. Whether it be academic or some other form of need. My goal in life is to help as many people as i possibly can.
name: Jamek

message: i would like to go to a place where there exists no differences between people whatsoever.
name: anonymous

message: I would stay in America.[That's were I live] because It's a free country.
name: Sanju

message: africa
name: anonymous

message: i would go to florida! because its kind of warmer down there!!
name: anonymous

message: chihuahua mexico
name: silmock