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…on the THING for the Week of 12/04/2007 & 12/11/2007 :

Describe your favorite pair of shoes. How often do you wear them?

message: I like Adidas shoes. I wear Aidas shoes they are white superstars. I have been wearing them for almost a year i wear it alot! I think my shoes are so comfhy i like my shoes alot! I dont like Nike or New Banlice. i wear them everyday for school and its fun to wear them
name: Jessica

message: I think this is a really hard one. Probally Nike beacuse it is really good and comfortable for any walk, sports about anything you can think of. I really like them!
Go NIKE!!!!!
name: Tom

message: my favorite pair of shoes are american eagle lepord print ballet flats.
name: equestriangurl

message: I have a pair of black and white pumas they are pretty comfortable and fit me very well. I were them all the time from the movies to the gym.
name: satar

message: My black converse shoes. I wear them every day. Well except today....haha.... I was rushing out the door.
name: blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah

message: nike elites
name: anonymous

message: my favorite shoes are my black converse, and I wear them about 4 out of 7 days. two days i have to wear athletic shoes for pe, and sometimes i like to wear my vans, but other than that, converse all the way!!!
name: chloe

message: My favorite pair of shoes is a mix of two different pairs of Vans. I have four pairs of Vans, and I always where shoes from different pairs at any one time. My favorite mixed pair is the multi-colored checkered shoe, and the multi-colored polka-dot shoe. I call them my disco shoes because it's like a light-up disco floor and disco ball light rays.
name: Tot

message: My favourite pair of shoes are my water shoes.
I found them in the bottom of my closet ages ago, and I'd lost all of my other shoes, so even though they're not really meant for every-day use, I started wearing them every day.
They're blue with sharpie writing all over them from when I get bored in class.
name: Brannykinnzzz

message: my faverite pair of shoes were thrown in the trash by my mom about forever ago and now i miss them they were a piar of convers, and they were so worn out and filthy that there is no questoin as to why they ended up in the trash that sad sad day. the only thing i ever 'will i ever have a pair the same agian.' .........the end
name: urface

message: I like my new pair of shoes. Its not really a shoe but they are cute! they are airwalk boots there long and its fluffy and comfterbul they are brown color ( not ther greatest color) but they are really pretty. It almost goes up to my knees. They can slide a little to. I wrote the adidas one its the one about my super stars they are still cool i like then alot they are so alwsome! yup i jsut got these they are alwsome! i got my adidas shoes cleaned because they are dirty and its really clean now. I might get new shoes for gym because i need new ones! hope everyone has a great shoe!
name: Jessica

message: My Absolute favorite pair of shoes would have to be my brown, lace-up, combat boots. I wear them as often as possible, just because they are comfortable and awsomely cool! I don't care if they aren't "lady-like"!!!! >:D
name: Nneka

message: i only have one pair of shoes

message: M.D.: My favorite pair of shoes are my tennis shoes because I`m ALWAYS on the move...they are blue & grey...what about you T.P.?
T.P.:My favorite shoes are my black-and-white checkered Vans, I love them to death!!=3 They're my school shoes, and I wear them every day besides when I'm asleep or stuff. And you, M.D.?
M.D.: I wear my shoes to school,too...but not as much as you do with your Vans...ta ta for now!
name: M.D. and T.P.

message: I never thought about such a thing I never mind about it. its something ordinery that dosen't need organisation.besides we have more interesting issues in our lives than a couple of shoes.
name: fatima

message: My fave shoes are my Chuck`s cause they are rockin awesome...:)
name: M.D.