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…on the THING for the Week of 01/06/2008 & 01/13/2008 :

What book did you have to read for school that you just hated? Why?

message: All Quiet On The Western Front. It was hard and boring
name: anonymous

message: Crispin and the Bronze Bow
name: mhjg

message: To kill a mockingbird was the gayest book ever!!!
name: Annoyonmous

message: I hated the Rosemary Sutcliff/Holling C. Holling books. The first ones had too much detail and the same for the second.
name: anonymous

message: Even though i was the only person in my english class to actually like reading and do it voluntarily, the book that i disliked most was Catcher in the Rye. Everyoen else in my class really enjoyed it, but I think that it is a very stereotypical book about a person that no one liked and had no real purpose in their life. Why is everyone so obsessed with Holden? If people were to actually know him in real life he would be a loser, just like a bunch of other losers who do nothing meaningful with their life and still complain the whole way through. Why do people think that Holden had to go through such a hard life? He had everything that he needed for a happy life, yet he still found no enjoyment in what he had.
name: Noorul