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…on the THING for the Week of 01/21/2008 & 01/28/2008 :

Do your parents make you do chores? Do you do them or try to get out of doing them?

message: my parents give me a few chores like cleaning my bedroom and bathroom. sometimes i do another chore just to help the house stay clean. yes i do the chores.
name: marisa

message: no my parents don't make me do chores at all
name: arrianna

message: Yes my parents do and I usually do my chores because it is the least I can do.
name: live4him

message: Yes they do, don't all parents make their kids do chores? the best part about my chores is that they're not SET paterns.. its impromto, and i like doing it more often than not, because they feel happy that their kid is not insensitive to their needs. =)
name: Ss

message: Yes because sometimes i forget about it and the have to remind me.Sometimes they tell me to do them because I am lazy.
name: Defjamdefjam

message: Nah my parents don't make me do anything except for tutoring my younger sis.. ^^
name: stella

message: yes but I try to go other my friends house to stop me from doing them.
name: Travion