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…on the THING for the Week of 03/03/2008 & 03/10/2008 :

How old is old? At what age do you think you'll feel old?

message: When you think you are old you are going to feel old.No one is really old.
name: Jordan

message: How old is old 55 is old to me. I think I will feel old at 59 because you are considerd to be a senior citizen at 50 and once you leave your 50's to you 60's you are old. Your 60's is really old..
name: Romaro'z_Gurl

message: I think you are old when you stop challenging yourself to do new things. You can be an old person when you are 13, it doesn't have to do with age. As long as you are learning and trying new things, you will always be young...that is the fountain of youth, honestly!
name: EnglRox

message: I don't think that you ever get old. You are old when you start to feel old. You can be 80 years old and still work!!!
name: Kalyn

message: 101
name: BOB

message: Old is having to go to work everyday and i think i'll feel old at 30
name: blah

message: I think old is like around 45ish. I'll probally feel old around 45 also.
name: anonymous

message: 65
name: kjhkh

message: I think 30 is old!
name: anonymous

message: I think 40 years old is old.
name: anonymous

message: 35
name: Toby

message: I think old is in the 50's
name: anonymous

message: I think I will feel old after age 30
name: anonymous

message: 40 years old
name: Faith

message: well for me old is 50. Because, well by that time your too old to party and still when your in your 40's you can still go to clubs and stuff( I should know, my aunt does and she's 45!!)
name: anonymous

message: 33 years old
name: anonymous

message: 33 years old 99years old is old
name: anonymous

message: i think when you are like 55 years old because when you are that old then you don't have much fun with nobody and stuff like that.You know
name: anonymous

message: old is like when ur 70 years old. i dont no if ill ever feel old.
name: Becca

message: at my funerul
name: captian morgan

name: jack daniel

message: In my personal opinion, you get chose when you are "old". I have many elders that I look up to that consider themselves young because they are healthy and they take care of their body. Those that don't stay healthy and in shape tend to feel "old," although someone of that same age may still feel "young." And for myself, I plan to stay in shape and healthy as long as I possibly can. But on the otherhand, not to be nagative, I am guessing that I will start to feel "old" when I am in my 60's.
name: cutienicole28