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…on the THING for the Week of 03/17/2008, 03/24/2008 & 03/31/2008 :

What has been the best day of your life so far?

message: my 11th birth day!!
name: lexi

message: The best day of my life so far was my first day of 7th grade. I had switched schools, and the school that I had gone to before was terrible. The kids teased me, I was ridiculed, and I hated school. I woke up every morning dreading school, and I finally decided to switch. On that first day of 7th grade, I stood in front of my new school, full of hope. It was the best thing I had ever done. I love my school, and my school loves me. I have met the kindest people, the most wonderful friends, everything you could wish for in a school. It changed my life, and I would never want to go anywhere else.
name: TennisStar

message: The best day of my life so far has been, Easter Sunday 2008. I had a wonderful time with my boyfriend, Justin and sister, Della. There are no words that can explain the feelings I had. Me and my boyfriend shopped at Kroger for candy, went to Starbucks, walked to the gas station for my cigarettes, wrestled, and had all kinds of fun. I love him so much.
name: Amie

message: Right now
name: HUE

message: The bast day of my life is when he said hi to me for the first time.

message: my 16th birthday
name: jessica

message: The best day of my life was when i got to go to Florida to see my mom after four months of living away from her. It was literally the BEST day of my life. My mom had gone to Florida to start a new life for her and I. So, she had to leave me at a friends house for a little while. When everything got to normal, she brought me down to Florida. Seeing her face for the first time almost brought tears to my eyes. I think about that day and i fill with all emotions. I missed her. But, this was the best day of my life.
name: Kelsey

message: when i hung out with my boyfriend
name: samy