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…on the THING for the Week of 04/14/2008 & 04/21/2008 :

Do you think entertainers and sports stars earn too much money? Why or why not?

message: Wow, that's a hard one! I think that they sort of do, but then again I don't. I think that they certainly earn enough money to help a lot of people, but it depends on how they use it. If they don't care what they do and live a totally happy life with billions of dollars, good for them-I'm in they backround yelling 'save the whales!'-they earn way to much money. If they earn a lot of money, live a totally normal life, and help people, no way can they earn enough! helping people helps(duh), and go Red Sox!
name: Scribbles95

message: no, because they're famous and the money they have they could donate if they wanted to. and plus who would buy those awesome mansions?
name: anonymous

message: I think they do because they can get paid millions of dollars just for a guest apparence they don't need all that money.
name: Brittany_cutie

message: For sure. All they do is swing a stupid bat around for oh sayyyy a few hours,and they get like 5 million dollars.I call [BLEEP] on that because some people do that kinda stuff for fun,sometimes rougher and sometimes they get worse injuries.And yet these guys get a little sprain and they're called out for the rest of the season. Yeah,no. They get paid WAY too much for that.
name: Nemo

message: Definitely!!! I don't get why people are PAID to play games and sing or even dance!?!?!?
name: Shelby

message: Yes, they do! They aren't finding the cure for cancer or solving global warming or something important. Yes, they do make our lives easier and more fun because they entertain us, but... they aren't finding the answer to the world's problems. They could be doing something useful with their time instead, like saving lives.
name: karpow