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…on the THING for the Week of 05/16/2008 & 05/23/2008 :

If you could vote in the U.S. Presidential election, who would you vote for and why?

message: John McCain. His beliefs are closer to mine than those of Obama or Hilary Clinton.

message: Honestly, I wouldn't vote for any of the candidates in the running right now. From the research I've done on the elections and the candidates' stance on different issues, none of them would really be a worthy president. Hillary's views on the war in Iraq differ from mine, Obama AND Hillary's views on partial-birth abortions are way wrong, and McCain is proud to have the support of an ignorant bigot evangelist. I don't want any of that running our country! But seeing as absolutely NO ONE sees things the way I do, I'm sure I'll see Obama as President next year.
name: car_crash_heart

message: I would vote for barack obama, because he seems loyal and trusthworthy, i think he wont get our country into war or anything people will dislike , obama will help our economy and be better for our country. i woulndnt vote for clinton because she seem arrogant and i dont like how she portrays obama to be. And i dont think she could do much for our country. This is a tough choice because obama&clinton both want for our country what we want for our selves .. to be out of the war. All in all, i think ..i know obama is the best choice in the 2008-09 election.
name: adrianna

message: Definitely, JOHN McCAIN!! He's the best one out there. I've looked at his stance on the issues that matter most to me, and I agree with everything he has to say. Clinton and Obama are baby killers and war mongers. Unfortunately, the country isn't in agreeance with me. Welcome to the Presidency Obama. At least he can't screw it up as badly as Bush.
name: NObama in 08

message: I would vote for Barack Obama because hilary is not capable for this job she is stealing her husband's speeches.

message: obama