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…on the THING for the Weeks of 1/11/2009 & 1/18/2009 :

If you had to give up using technology for one week (e.g., cell phones, computers, iPods, etc.), how would it affect your life?

message:Without technology i wouldent be able to play me favorite games. I wouldent be able to use a calulator at school or the computer for writing assignments. I would most likely sleep the day away till the week was over. Ide probly eat yogurt and soup since i woulden't have the use of a refrigator. I wouldn't be able to watch tv. I'de have to wal everywhere and change schools. Movie theators would go out of bisness. Airplanes would fall out of the sky. There would be cauos and confufion. There would be no raido no means of long distance communacation, or transportation, internet, and no refigorators to keep things cold and fresh. I don't think the world could last 10 days with no technology.
name:number 1

message:It would really affect my life because I live through music. I am always listening to it. If I couldn't listen to music I think that I would die, because music affects my mood, and how I feel inside. It can make me happy or sad, and I don't know how I would function with out it!

message:It would completely suck. Not just because I love my internet and such, but since I'm taking an online course, I could flunk out. Major fail!

message:I would pull out my pens and markers and draw for the rest of the week. Maybe paint a few comic strips on my wall

message:i would have a hard time writing reports. I would feel very unconnected with my family if i didn't have a cell phone. I would be bored.

message:I wouldn't be able to do my global homework lol. But otherwise i would be really bored at home so i would go out more if it were warmer.But seeing as how it is winter i would die from boredom and have my butt permenatly glued to the couch staring at a blank wall trying to find shapes in it.

message:I would be pretty lost without my computer, but I would be able to deal with it- my internet rarely is functional, anyways. The cell phone would be fine as well, I lost my blackberry pearl and now have a razr- which is horrible for texting; I just don't text all that much. I would miss my Ipod the most- I use it for exercise, when the silence is overbearing, when waiting, and just because I love music. I would be fine because I have been grounded from it before, and just rolled with the punches. You get used to it. but i would be REALLY OUT OF TOUCH WITH MY FRIENDS. Socializing depends on technology nowadays- you either are there or are square. I can also entertain myself- I would read, actually do my homework, and write more with my overactive imagination.

message:If no cell phones,I can not contact with my friends or someone I care for. If no computers, I also can not get on the internet to get lots of informations. In a word,it is very inconvenient for me all day.
I am a student from China.

message:I would more than likely be bored out of my mind and would not be able to communicate with anyone. Plus, I couldn't get any work done because one of my jobs is working with/troubleshooting/LANing/etc computers.

message:My quality of life is descending in case I could not have my long-distance skype connection with friends in Florida. Communication is today very important.