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What do you think of social networking sites for teens (MySpace, Facebook, etc.)? Do you like them? Why or why not?

message:i don't mind social networking sites. however, it takes up a lot of time, which could be spent actually hanging with friends or actually completing school work. It can also be a hassle, as you are expected to keep up to date such as signing up to another social networking site because all your friends have it, which means more unnecessary emails and constant editting and updating of each of the sites. It also means you might have to start transferring all you stuff from your old Social networking account to your new one. wasting even more of your time. also it's also another reason to procrastinate. something that a majority of 21st century students do. however, i only like social networking sites because i can send comments to my friends and share pictures. Also, i can find friends whom i haven't seen in years.

message:I think that it's not the next big thing because why would you have all that and have to be stuck to the computer when you could just go talk to people! Please people just socialize!!!!!!:)

message:they are not bad but i don't use them

message:I think they're stupid. If you want to make new friends, go out and talk to them in real life, don't just go and flirt with some creepy guy you've never met.

message:I think that they are cool. It's a great way to keep in touch with friends or family that don't live close. It is also procrastination personified. It's cool, but definitely something that I could live without.

message:Well, i think its a good way for friends to get a-hold of each other and stay connected. Although i think people should care waht they put on there profiles cause it say alot about them.

message:My parents found my account, my dad thought it looked cool and didn't mind too much, but my mother was livid. She demanded I delete the account immediately. So, naturally, I deleted it a week later. For a while I was sad. All my friends were becoming members of these sites, and I was no longer allowed. After a while, though, I realized I didn't want to be a member of social networking sites. I don't want to read somebody's profile to learn about them; I'd much rather get to know a person the old fashioned way: talking.

message:I think that social networking sites can be either good or bad depending on the amount of security that is provided for the subscribers. I enjoy going to myspace and fan fiction sites, however these are sites that have various security measures in place and that I feel relatively safe on.